How to Get More Followers on Twitter- 15 Best Tips!

How can you get more Twitter followers? This is a question that thousands of people are searching for. With Twitter being one of the most influential networking platforms, we certainly can’t afford to ‘not to use it’ for marking our presence in the virtual world. Especially when it comes to solidifying your brand, sharing content that reaches to a larger audience and building relationships with prospects.

Here’s the thing, when you start an account from scratch, you don’t have any followers, in the first month you got over 40-50 followers by inviting friends, you managed more 20 followers by aggressively promoting your account by sharing across Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp & “follow me I follow back” tactics.

But now what? How will you gain more followers now? This is the time to start implementing a proper plan, a strategy to get followers and increase your reach.

Here are 20 effective ways you can execute instantly and increase Twitter followers right away!

So, let’s get started!


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15 Tips To Increase Twitter Followers

If you’re looking at Social Media from a purely outreach-focused perspective, there’s no getting around the fact that with over 350 million active users, Twitter has a lot to offer. You just have to choose the right path!

1. Polish Your Twitter Profile

Polish Your Twitter Profile

Work hard on your Twitter profile. Make sure all the details are complete, it is also important to express who you are and what you’re interested in so that relevant people can connect with you just by giving a glance to your account.

Get verified if possible, having that little check mark next to your name can help you go a long way. Put a great profile photo or something that steal’s people attention.

2. Optimize your Twitter Account

Optimize your Twitter Account

First impression is the last impression! So, after looking at your profile picture, a user will typically read your bio. So, do write it professionally and include not only the basic details such as name, header photo but an engaging content as well that reflects a taste of your personality so that right followers & likeminded people with whom you share same interests can follow you.

If you have a company profile, make sure all your marketing materials, business card, letterhead, blogs, website, social media handle links etc. should be mentioned in your profile.

You can take an idea about how to write interactive Bio descriptions to entice your followers!

3. Follow More People!

Follow More People

Scratch my back and I’ll scratch you back- the ultimate algorithm on which every social media platform is based! Research shows that it’s one of the most effective ways for people to get followers. Sure, you want to follow the right people to follow you back, so ensure that you spend enough time on Twitter and follow people you like. There are different ways to find people to follow, for example: if you’re interested in traveling, so search for travel bloggers, go to their followers list and start following travel-related Twitter accounts. You can also follow people that Twitter recommends. Search people through #hashtags (#travel) and find similar interest people.

And ultimately, when you follow people with the same interests there’s a generous chance that they will more likely follow you back.

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4. Keep Tweeting & Retweeting!

Keep Tweeting & Retweeting

If you’re new to Twitter, you must be barely tweeting like one or two posts a week. Well, since people are putting a number of tweets every minute, your one or two posts just get vanish in no time.

So, try tweeting at regular intervals and make sure you post quality content because valuable content means more engagement and more engagement means ‘more followers’. You should also focus on retweeting other people’s tweets as well, especially the ones which are of your interest and the one you genuinely like. Because you never know when your favorite personality whom you admire the most starts following you, with just one retweet.

5. Tweet During Peak Hours

Tweet During Peak Hours

Scheduling is very important. Figuring out the best time for posting, so that a huge number of users can get engaged in your content plus posting at right time boosts your visibility, and therefore increases Twitter followers count.

You can use social media management software like Buffer, Hootsuite or Zoho Social to schedule your tweets. These tools will not only help you in targeting the ‘right audience at the right time’ but will also assist you in keeping a track of all your visitors.

6. Emphasize More On Visual Content

Emphasize More On Visual Content

Don’t forget to include Pictures in your tweets. Various research suggests that tweets with images receive 20% more engagement as compare to tweets without images.

7. Link to Interesting Sites

Posting what you had for lunch may be fun for your friends and relatives, but it’s probably not a good way to gain followers or retain the existing ones. However, linking great articles, blogs or websites surely does. You can become a reliable source of information if you regularly post about the latest information and happenings around you.

Tested way to increase Twitter followers in a few months only!

8. Harness Hashtags To Gain Followers Fast

Harness Hashtags To Gain Followers Fast

Use hashtags wisely, it’s important to learn the art of analyzing which hashtags are trending and which tags can help you interact with new people. Don’t stuff your tweet with hashtags, but just the ones which are popular and can certainly help you to build your audience.

There are numerous handy tools which can help you find the best Twitter hashtags – Sprout Social, hashtagify or #tagdef. And ultimately you can always try making something on your own.

9. Contribute To Guest Posting

This might sound offbeat, but it will drastically increase Twitter followers. If you’ll start writing for well-known organizations that have an ultimate social media presence, you gain authority for being a part of such a respected website, you’ll get exposed to new people, users may share your content at different platforms. And admit it, your post will get more traction when its promoted by a renowned page than when it’s promoted by you.

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10. Find Relevant People To Share Your Content With

Find Relevant People To Share Your Content With

You must use platforms like Twiends, Follow Mania or TraffUp to gain free followers instantly. These services are dedicated to helping users connect with new people on Twitter and other social media platforms. In addition to exposing users to followers, these social media solutions also offer great tips and tricks to gain more followers organically.

You can use Twitter’s Advanced Search feature to find relevant people whose interest overlap with yours.

11. Promote Same Content Multiple Times in a Day

Promote Same Content Multiple Times in a Day

A tweet has a lifespan of a few minutes, as soon as you share something on Twitter, it quickly gets lost in the feed. So, it’s a good practice to promote your post multiple times on the same day.

You’d be thinking that posting something more than once would only aggravate your followers. But the trick here is to use different text for each of your tweets, even if you are referring to the same stuff. Just recycle your content and promote it at least twice in a day to flash your content in front of more people.

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12.  Participate in Twitter Chats

Participate in Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats is an amazing way to find relevant people around and develop meaningful relationships to get to know more tweeps and gain followers. Just think of it as a Twitter party, where people meet, share their views and opinions and discuss over a specific topic.

Several people are unaware that dozens of scheduled chats take place every week. To join a Twitter Chat, check out the site & find discussions related to your industry. Follow those who you meet and they’re likely to follow you back.

13.  Tweet Inspirational Sayings & Quotes

After images & other visual content, Inspirational and Motivational quotes are mostly tweeted and retweeted. These are one of the great ways to get more Twitter followers.

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14. Try Cross Posting

Try Cross Posting

Every time you tweet something, do not forget to share it on your other social media handles also. In order to gain followers, notify them to reach your Twitter profile to get regular updates or whatever. This will act as a teaser and you never know who on Facebook will notice your tweet and starts following you on Twitter.

15 . Mention People

Mention People

Never forget to tag influential users in your post who are relevant to your content. Mentioning them will not only help to catch their attention but if by any chance they retweeted your post. Think to how many people your content will get exposed to and ultimately leading to increase Twitter followers.

Bonus Tip: The more descriptive your Bio, the more chances to come into limelight and gain followers. So, make sure you use popular #hashtags in your Bio so that your profile gets thick chances to get appeared in searches.

Ready To Gain Followers?

So, use this little spammy yet effective tips to increase Twitter followers effortlessly.

There are plenty of great ‘paid ads options’ too which are quite potent to get more Twitter followers. Since they are pretty obvious to gain followers, we focused on getting more followers organically!

Hope these ‘followers building techniques’ helps you to reach a great number of audience. Good luck and get going with these effective tips to increase Twitter followers.

Don’t forget to share your best Twitter tips and tactics in the comments section below!

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