How to Get Help in Windows 10 on Microsoft

How to get help in Windows 10 is an essential question for even for those who have been using the computer for decades. It is next to impossible to master all the secrets of Windows 10, and there are times when all of us need help regarding a feature that we have used for the first time or used sparingly. Here are a few ways on how to get help in Windows 10 apart from typing your query on Google search engine.

Press The F1 Key On Your Keyboard and Get Help By Microsoft

Press F1 to get help in windows 10

Ever since first Windows, the F1 key has been the default key assigned to call upon help. This pattern has been followed not only by the Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft products but also all other programs and applications. If you press the F1 key on your desktop, then your default browser will open with Bing search engine all ready for your query. But if you press F1 when an app is highlighted than the help dialog box of that app will appear on the screen.

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Ask Your Smart Assistant Cortana to Get Help

Another cool way of how to get help in Windows 10 is to ask Cortana who is always eager to help you even if you are not asking for it. Cortana can help the Windows 10 users to schedule meetings, search files and provide steps to resolve basic issues. Did you know that you can ask questions verbally to Cortana without typing it? Cortana can answer the frequently asked questions efficiently from the software knowledge database. More importantly, it can answer questions about Microsoft, its products and General Knowledge. You would not get any relevant answers asking about third-party products.

Chat With A Microsoft Technician and Get Support

chat with technician to get help in windows 10

If you do not like to read the generic answers and want a personalized solution to your specific problem, then the best option for you to is to use the Get Help application and chat with a Microsoft Answer Tech who will surely resolve your problem. The Get Help app is installed by default and can be searched in the list of the installed app if you do not have the app or have uninstalled it by mistake then not to worry as it is available on the Microsoft Store and can be downloaded & installed for free.

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Don’t Want To Chat? – Call Them Instead Or Better Yet, Arrange A Callback

The next step on how to get help in Windows 10 operating system is to call the Windows 10 official help and support on 1800-Microsoft or 1800-6427678 and talk to a trained Microsoft Technical Agent for help on your issue. However, due to more than 50% market share captured by the Windows operating system, there is a constant wait on this toll-free number. If you don’t want to spend time waiting on the phone and listen to IVR, then you can schedule a call back instead.

Arranging a call back is done through the Get Help by searching for the topic that matches with your issue and selecting the Arrange a Call option. Do not forget to provide the right number, time and date. You need to be present near your system when you receive the call as the agent might ask for the Windows 10 Product ID to confirm if the product is genuine and might take a remote session of your computer via internet to resolve the problem.

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Something Complicated- Search The Microsoft Community Discussion Forum

how to get help in windows 10 Microsoft Community
Image Source: Microsoft Community

If your issue is complicated or out of the scope of the Microsoft support agent then you can refer the Microsoft Support website and Community website for answers to your issues. You can either search your query among the existing queries or post a new question. Someone from Microsoft or an equivalent knowledgeable person will answer your query. The entire support is free of cost.

Visit Microsoft Support now

Visit Microsoft Community now

Refer To The Third-party Tech Knowledge Base

how to get help in windows 10 Third party website

If you cannot find answers with the Microsoft Universe, then it is best to step outside and search your query elsewhere. It is as easy as it sounds and all you have to do is open on your browser and type your query in the search box. Within a fraction of a second, the page will populate with the most relevant results. You can start clicking on each one turn by turn until you find your resolution. This process is time and effort consuming, but it is guaranteed success.

A shortcut of the above method and quick way to find your resolution in one go is first to visit a professional blog website like Systweak Blogs and search your query there for a sure shot and effective resolution.

Visit Systweak Blogs.

Bonus Tip: Use Built-in Troubleshooters

how to get help in windows 10 trouble shooters

Microsoft has designed amazing Troubleshooters with regards to Windows 10 components that are designed to scan the computer within a specific domain, identify the issue and fix it automatically. For example, I was facing an issue with the sound on my computer. I ran the audio Troubleshooter, and it identified all the problems with audio drivers and other components and fixed it.

If you are facing an issue on your computer, then it is recommended to check the list of Troubleshooters and run it. It may resolve your problem quickly with a couple of clicks. To access the list of troubleshooters, Type Troubleshoot in the search box and select the options that states Troubleshoot Settings.

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Your Thoughts On How To Get Help In Windows 10 On Microsoft

These are all the ways on how to get help in Windows 10. You may try any method you feel comfortable with, but I recommend paying a visit to Systweak Blogs. Although this website would be considered as third-party when it comes to Microsoft and its products but is has short nad effective solutions to the common issues faced generally.

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