How to Get Away with iOS 10 E-mail Issues

iOS 10 has most its users excited. It brought in amazing new features, updates in existing features and changes in its UI. While most of these features have appealed to users, its email updates have seen an unexpected glitch. For if you’re an iPhone 7 or 7 plus user, you must have faced an additional issue on your mailbox. Here we’ll help you get away with two most annoying email problems that you’ll come across while using iOS 10.

Issue 1: Sequence of thread conversation

The updates bought in have got a threaded email conversations. The mail app, groups up all the emails under one subject line when received back-and-forth. Along with this, there is a small blue-arrow button at the right edge of the subject line and the order of messages in the thread mail. Tapping upon this arrow will help you view subject line of each email in the thread without leaving the main view of the inbox.

These updates have successfully been able to deliver convenience with preciseness. You can locate a specific email in a thread and the most recent message is show on the top when expanded. However, if you tap to view the most recent message in the thread, you are taken back to the main message instead. Here comes the first glitch on iOS10 email update. You’re required to scroll down for ages to view the most recent message.

This can be resolved with few simple settings on your device. Go to Settings> Mail> look for Threading> turn on Most Recent Messages on Top. Once you have done this, you’ll get to see the most recent messages received in a threaded conversation.

Issue 2: Tiny text on mailbox

This issue has been seen in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Upon the update, the mailbox must have looked usual to you with sender’s name and subject lines shown on it. But when opened, users have to deal with tiny text on it. You’ll have to zoom in, in order to read the message clearly. This has been a weird issue; since Apple has worked on fonts in iOS 10 and font size at all other parts have been significantly increased.

This can simply be fixed with a few taps on your phone. Restart your Mail app by double tapping on the Home button and swiping up on the Mail app to quit out of it. When you’ll open the Mail app again, you’ll find the font size larger than before and legible to read without zooming in.

These two issues in iOS 10 suggest that there might be many more big or small bugs in the newly-fangled iOS 10. We’ll get back to you if we find others. If you come across any and looking for a hack, feel free to write us. We’ll come up with the fixes and help you have a great experience on your iOS 10 device.

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