How to Fix Windows 10 Automatic Repair

Despite being most popular amongst general users, Windows has its own glitches which gets piled up with new releases.

The approach to release newer versions without resolving the existing issues has made Windows bug infested. Same is true with Windows 10. Amongst its numerous errors, it also often comes up with “Preparing automatic repair” error message while turning off the machine. Windows typically uses this message when something goes wrong with the computer and Windows is up to fix the error on its own. However, this can’t be called true with Windows 10. Windows claims to fix the error within an hour’s time without inducing user’s action. Yet even after waiting for a considerable amount of time, users are left with the same error message.

What is “Preparing automatic repair” error?

Many users have come across a loop while turning off their computer. The ‘automatic error’ lurks around while the screen is frozen up and then dims. It then prompts a message saying there is some problem in the computer and Windows is trying to fix it. Often, it mentions an hour’s time to fix the loop yet baring the system for a longer time doesn’t help.

This error message is surely a glitch by creator’s side yet it mars user experience completely. Here, we are trying to provide hacks for “how to fix Windows 10 automatic repair” error.

How to Fix Windows 10 Automatic Repair

In order to fix Windows 10 Automatic Repair error, you need to change boot order on your system. For this you’re required to restart your computer and enter your computer’s BIOS (or UEFI) settings as soon as it starts up. This can be done by pressing a key, which might vary from Esc, Delete or F2 to F8, F10 or F12, depending on the manufacturer of motherboard on your system. You can figure it out with the manual supplied with your computer or alternatively you can even google search it with “how to enter bios” followed by model number of your computer. Now navigate to the Boot. You must know how to boot and change boot order since this will be needed to perform the solutions below.

Solution 1: Enable XD-bit (No-Execute Memory Protect) in your BIOS

Enabling XD-bit or No-execute memory protect will help you keep the automatic repair error at bay. XD-bit is a feature in every computer’s BIOS settings and is disable by default. You can turn it with these steps.

  • Restart your computer and press the specific key with which you can change BIOS settings (you can find this key on your computer with above mentioned guide).
  • Once in your system’s BIOS, peruse through the tabs and trace XD-bit.
  • enable XD-bit and save the changes.
  • Now restart your computer. Make sure that your system boot like it is supposed to.

Solution 2: Expand your computer’s System Reserved partition

Windows 10 automatic repair error also seems to appear when your computer’s System Reserved partition is smaller than it should be. System Reserved partition is the drive on your system which contains operating system information. You can allocate more memory on to this drive with the help of this guide.

Solution 3: Perform a System Restore

System Restore is another hack to fix automatic repair error. System Restore is a feature on Windows computer via which the previous state computer can be reverted, including system files, installed applications, Windows Registry and system settings.

You can perform System Restore with following steps

  • Shut down your PC and locate F8 key.
  • Now turn the PC on and press F8 repeatedly when anything appears on the screen. This command will prompt the ‘Advanced Boot Options’ menu.
  • Now you need to select ‘Repair Your Computer’ and press Enter.
  • Next, you need to log on to your system with your username and password (if you’ve set).
  • Once you are logged on, you’ll find shortcuts of a few recovery tools, please select ‘System Restore’ and restart your system.

Solution 4: Reinstall Windows 10

If trying out above hacks on your system doesn’t fix the problem, then you should reinstall Windows 10 on your machine. This might help you get rid of automatic repair error on your computer.

Solution 5: Check your hardware

Your system hardware may also be the culprit for the glitch you may be experiencing your Windows 10. If all other alternatives don’t work for you then you can try checking the hardware on your system. Your computer might have a failed or failing SSD or some fault might exist on it RAM. If that is the case, then you should try fix it with the help of a technician.

These hacks will help you get rid of ‘Preparing automatic repair’ error on your system. If still end up having the same issue on system, then you should write to Microsoft and seek an ultimate solution from the developer!

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