How to Fix “iMessage Not Delivered” on Your iPhone?

Regular SMS texting is certainly considered an old hate in the wake of several messaging apps. However, sending an iMessage from your iPhone still fascinates you. But when you see a message not delivered, it makes you wonder whether your internet is working or not. Another thing that frustrates more is that iMessage is not delivered to the recipient but is sent from your end. If you are facing same issues, we have listed some of the hacks that you could help resolve the issue.

First, we need to understand what “Delivered” Means in terms of iMessage.

When you send an iMessage, there two statuses shown, Delivered and Read. The former is when the message is delivered and the latter is when the message is read or is tapped on. Earlier the read receipts were enabled when a user wanted but from iOS 8 and above, it is enabled by default.

Well, if you don’t want that, you can disable read receipts. To do that, you need to go to Settings on the home screen, then locate Messages, and Send Read Receipts.

iMessage Says “Delivered” But It’s Not?

Sometimes your iPhone says a message is delivered but actually, it is not. There could be many reasons for the same.

Scenario 1: Delivered To A Wrong Number

You could have sent the iMessage to a wrong number. This happens if the contact, you have sent an iMessage, is logged-in to numerous devices such as iPad, Mac, and iPhone with the same Apple ID. This could be the reason that the messages have appeared on other devices but their smartphone.

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Probable Causes Of iMessage Says Not Delivered

Most of the people turn off their phone when they are off to bed. So, if you message is not delivered, your recipient phone could be turned off. The recipient phone might not have enough bars, or in Airplane mode. They will receive a message sent once their device has enough connectivity

Scenario 2: Recipient Has Turned On Do Not Disturb

Another possibility could be that the recipient might have turned on Do Not Disturb on the phone, which doesn’t send alerts.

Troubleshooting Steps For iMessage says not delivered

If can’t check why the iMessages are not getting delivered, don’t worry you can do is try these methods to make it work. Let’s start!

Check your Internet Connectivity:

iMessages are sent using internet connection, so when you have weaker or no connection. If you can’t send an iMessage via iPhone, then your internet connection is the first thing to check. Locate Settings from your home screen. Now, go to Wi-Fi. Check your secured networks. If it says connected, then your recipient’s network connection could be the issue.

iMessage Should Be Activated

Check iMessage service is enabled. To do that, go to Settings and then tap on Messages. Check iMessage and toggle switch beside it. It needs to enabled.

iMessage Should Be Activated

If it is turned on, then toggle it off and on to refresh and it would take a few minutes for it start again.

Try Sending Text Messages

iMessages can’t be sent to a person who doesn’t have iPhone or other Apple device. So, you can send messages from your iPhone. It will read as Send as a text message instead of Delivered. You can change the settings to send the messages as SMS.

To do so, locate Settings and then Messages. Tap Send as SMS. If you don’t have a solid internet connection, you can send conventional text messages.

try sending text message

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Soft Restart

Doing a restart is always the first few solutions when it comes to setting things right. Soft restart reboots your iPhone and clears all the things that could cause the issue. If you have iPhone 7 or older versions of iPhone, then press Home and Power button together for a good 10 seconds.

If you have iPhone 8 or newer models, then press Volume up button and then press Volume Down. Now press and hold the Power button.

The screen will turn black and you will see the Apple logo. Leave the buttons and iPhone will restart

Update the software iOS

You might have not updated the software for a while, which could be the issue with iMessage. Keeping the iOS updated could fix these security concerns. To check whether your iOS is updated or not, locate Settings. Navigate to General, then Software Update.

update the software ios

The system will check whether the software is updated. If not, it will suggest you install updates.

update the software ios

Sign Out & Then Sign In Apple ID

You can also try to sign out and sign in Apple ID, hoping this could fix the issue once and for all. You can do that, go to Settings from the home screen. Locate Messages and then Send & Receive and then tap your Apple ID. Then you can Sign Out. Now navigate to “Use your Apple ID for iMessage”, sign in and you will be logged in to your Apple ID.

Note: iMessages can be sent using their email addresses and phone numbers. So, if you are having trouble related to one email. Check email address that you have saved. It might be the case when the recipient could be using Apple ID. You can ask the recipient by calling them or texting via a different messaging service.

If you want to add an email address, locate Contacts, choose the name and select Edit.

Messages Should Be Deleted

If you are sending an email which is large, you try sending the message, but it is transferred to outbox. You go to Outbox and try to send it. But when it doesn’t go out, you delete the mail. This can be applied to iMessages as well especially when sending out in bulk. If the message doesn’t go out for some of the contacts, you can delete the message by swiping text towards left and selecting Delete.

You can also clear it, by locating conversational history. Click and hold a recent message and copy it so that you won’t lose it. Click more and then select all the messages which you have sent after the issue occurred. Click Trash icon located at the bottom left corner. The problem could be one message, so deleting these messages could clear the backlog.

Last Resort: Reset Settings

If you have tried every trick in the book, still haven’t resolved the issue. Try resetting all settings. Go to Settings, locate home screen. Navigate to General. Then go to Reset and then Reset All Settings.

last resort- reset setting

last resort- reset setting-1

Note: Choose the options carefully, as there are other options which could delete the whole data on your iPhone. After resetting, you need to sign in with your Apple ID

If none of this works, then the issue is not with your iPhone, the issue could be with recipient’s iPhone. You ask the recipient to follow the same steps. Try texting other people via iMessage just to be sure. Another scenario could be the recipient might have blocked your number.

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So, these are a few handy hacks that could help you fix “iMessage Not Delivered” on your iPhone. Try them and make it work!

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