How to Fix Dull Photos and Eliminate Duplicates

If you have a lot of digital photos, then you probably would face two common issues. First, you would have a few dull images in your collection. Second, you would have some duplicates and similar-looking or near-identical images that you wish to remove. Both these issues cannot be fixed manually and require specialized software to organize your photo collection and save disk space. Here are a couple of applications that will eliminate duplicates and fix dull photos.

HDR Effect – Fill Dull Photos With Ease


HDR Effect is an app that adds HDR toning to your images in only a few clicks. It provides your images a professional style and makes them enjoyable to look at thanks to advanced tools and capabilities. It’s a third-party application that’s primary goal is to give your photos an HDR effect.

Let’s have a look at how to apply the HDR effect to your images using this amazing tool.

Step 1: Go to the Microsoft Store and download HDR Effect on your Windows PC –

Step 2: Finish the installation procedure and grant it the appropriate rights.

Step 3: Open HDR Effect and add the image you wish to alter.


Step 4: Select one of the three viewing modes to see the image. Single-mode, which is enabled by default, displays only one image on the screen. The split mode displays a slider that allows you to see the images before and after effects. The Original and Edited images will be displayed next to each other in the double mode. You may choose any of them at your leisure.


Step 5: For that head to the left side of the tool, it’s time to add the effects to the image. Presets with HDR presets, which are prepared effects that you can click on to quickly enhance photographs, may be found here.

User Presets will be another option, which can be adjusted to your liking. Use the tools on the right side of the application to accomplish this. You can adjust the Highlights, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, and Shadows, among other things, here. Save it as a personalized preset for future usage.

Step 6: To save the image after you’ve finished modifying it, click the Save Now option.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro: Scan, Identify and Remove Duplicates Images

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro (DPF) is a fantastic piece of software that runs on Windows, Android, Mac OS X, and iOS. This duplicate photo-finding software is straightforward to use due to its user-friendly design. There are also the following features:

Duplicate photos fixer pro

Duplicate Photo Detection

Even if the file names, formats, and sizes of the photographs are different, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro scans your computer and detects duplicates using specific algorithms.

Identifying Similar Photos

When your mobile phone camera is in Burst Mode, this program discovers similar and nearly identical photographs recorded in succession.

Devices from the Outside

Images that are duplicates Both internal and external storage devices are supported by Fixer Pro. This tool may be used to search for identical and duplicate photos on Flash Drives, SD cards, pen drives, and storage devices.

Marking that is done automatically

This program has an auto-mark feature that allows you to swiftly select hundreds of duplicate photographs. When you press the Delete Marked button, the auto-marked photographs are virtually instantaneously removed. To find duplicates, a complicated algorithm is utilized that considers a variety of parameters such as file size, creation date, and so on.

The Final Word On How to Fix Dull Photos and Eliminate Duplicates

The above-mentioned applications are the best-in-class apps that will help to eliminate duplicate images and fix dull pictures in your photo collection. These apps have been tried and tested and the results have been amazing. Your images are like your memories that can be cherished with family and friends. Any dull-looking photos or repeated images can spoil the new moment you are creating. Hence it is recommended to fix dull photos and eliminate duplicate images from your collection.

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