How To Fix Crashing Apps

Crashing of an app can be very frustrating especially when you are working on something important such as working on a document, chatting with your friends, etc. Facing the crashing app issue again and again whenever you try to launch the app, is  problematic.

However, fixing crashing app issue is not that difficult, no matter what platform you work on, macOS, Windows, Android or iOS.

In this post, we have mentioned steps to fix crashing apps issue on all four platforms.

Note: Before going further, check whether the issues are related to a single app. If not, then dealing with them could be a tricky issue.

Fix Crashing Apps on Android

Fix Crashing Apps on iPhone

Fix Crashing Apps on Windows 10

Fix Crashing Apps on Apple Mac

How to Fix Crashing Apps on Android?

Why App Crashes?

The main reason of app crashing is damaged data. Most apps cache bits of data such as menu icon, in your device internal storage. Storing cache makes accessing app quick the next time you launch it. Although, when the internal storage information is corrupted, app crashes.

Fix Crashing Apps

You can fix crashing apps on Android by refreshing the data either from cloud or app’s original files instead of one stored in internal storage. If you want to do a basic cache refresh, clear the app from smartphone’s recent memory. The recently used apps remains active on your Android device that keeps local caches of the apps.

Exit the App from Notification Tray

When you erase app from phone memory, you reset cached data. In order to do this, locate Overview button (the square icon) from the right-hand corner of navigation bar. Swipe either to left or right to exit the crashing app. Now restart the phone.

Clear Cache

You can also reset the app by locating Settings from the home screen. Navigate to Apps-> Apps List, choose the crashing app and tap on Storage -> Clear Cache button. Now when you launch the app next time, it will refresh its data and hence the corrupted data will be removed.

Fix Apps Freezing And Crashing Fix Apps Freezing And Crashing

Fix Apps Freezing And Crashing Fix Apps Freezing And Crashing

Check for App Update

If this doesn’t work for you, you can check for updates of the crashing app. Sometimes, developers know about the bugs in the app and to resolve the issue, they release update for the app. To do so, locate Play Store app, tap on hamburger icon, from the top left corner. Tap on My apps & games, then locate the crashing app. Check for the updates.


How to Fix Crashing Apps How to Fix Crashing Apps

System Update

If this doesn’t help you, updating your Android operating system might work for you. To check for system update, go to Settings, then System and choose System Update.

System Update System Update

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Uninstall & Reinstall

If nothing has worked for you so far, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Locate the app in Play Store and tap Uninstall. After uninstalling the app, restart the computer. Once the phone starts up, open Play Store and install the app again.

Last Resort:

The last attempt before you lose all hopes is to Contact developer and explain the issue you are facing. You will get an option to Send email to get hold of the developer of concerned app.

How to Fix Crashing Apps

How To Fix Crashing Apps on iPhone?

The process to fix crashing apps on iPhone is similar as Android. You can refresh Cache, restart your device, update the software or lastly contact developer. So, let’s get started and resolve the issue on your iPhone or iPad.

 Refresh Cache Data

To clear cache of the troublesome app from memory, tap the home button twice and exit the app by swiping it in upwards direction. If you own iPhone X, then to exit the app, swipe up from the bottom of phone’s screen. Now, hold to check the apps open and locate the problematic app and swipe it in upwards direction to exit.

Restart The Device

To force restart your iPhone, press Volume Down and Power button, till Apple logo appears.

If you have iPhone 8 and iPhone X, you need to press and release Volume Up and then immediately press Volume Down and release it. Now Press and hold Power button till Apple logo appears on the screen.

Check for App Update

To check for App update, locate App Store and tap on Updates icon from the bottom of the screen. Install the update for the concerned app or any other update for an application available.

iOS update:

To update iOS, go to Settings. Under Settings, look for General and then Software Update.

Uninstall & Reinstall

If nothing has worked for you so far, let’s uninstall and reinstall the concerned app. Locate the crashing app, press and hold the app icon. The apps on the home screen will start shaking. Tap on X that appears on left side of the icon and tap on Delete. Restart the phone and reinstall the app from App Store.

Contact App Developer

Reaching out for help to concerned developer seems to be the last step. Go to App Store, locate the app, scroll down and look for Developer Website. Tapping on it will take you to the contact details to get it in touch with the Developer.

How to Fix Crashing Apps Issue on Windows?

Tackling Windows computer apps has become similar to smartphones. This makes troubleshooting steps somewhat like that of phones. Installing updates, removing cache and more.

Update The App

The procedure to update app varies from one app to another, so the steps would differ. Launch the app and check if you can see Update option, then click on it to update. If not, then check for an update on app’s official website. If you have purchased the app from Microsoft, then updating it becomes a lot simpler. Go to search bar beside Start menu and type Microsoft Store and press Enter. Locate the menu button from top right-hand side (3 horizontal dots), choose Downloads and Updates, then click Get Updates. This will update the apps available to get updated.

System Update

If updating app doesn’t work for you, then updating your OS might. However, updating other apps can also work. To check if there is a pending OS update, go to Start menu, click Settings (gear icon). On Settings window, look for Update & Security and click on it. Click Check for Updates. Download and Update if you get any pending updates.

Uninstall & Reinstall

Clearing cache can help you remove bugs from the problematic app. For that, you need to uninstall & reinstall the app to make it work. Go to Start menu, click Settings (gear icon). From Settings window, click Apps and find the crashing app and click on it. You will get Uninstall option, click on it to uninstall. Then download and install the app again, either from Microsoft Store or official website.

Contact Developer

If nothing worked, then contact the app developer. Locate the official website of the app, you will support page or contact details. In this way you can fix crashing apps on Windows.

How To Fix Crashing Apps Issue On Mac?

Resolving macOS closely resembles the Windows process. Again, you follow the principles of updating and cache-clearing.

Install Updates

If you have installed programs from internet, you have two options to update: Go to Applications menu, by pressing Command +Shift + A and check for updates. Or get the update from the web.

In case you installed Mac App Store, you will be notified once there is an update. You can also check, go to App Store, Command +Shift + A to open Applications. In Application window, look for App Store. In App Store, click on Updates, from the top menu bar. Install and update the pending updates.

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Update OS

In App Store, click on Updates. Under Updates, you will also know if macOS has any pending updates. Updating to the latest version of OS can resolve the bugginess of an app as it will resolve the compatibility issues.

Uninstall & Reinstall

If installing updates to the app doesn’t help you, then you need to uninstall and reinstall the app.

If the app belongs to App Store, then open Launchpad from Dock and take the cursor to the app and click and press the icon until you get X icon. Click on X and uninstall it.

If you have installed the program from somewhere else, search for uninstaller under Finder-> Applications. If you are unable to locate the uninstall option, then drag the app to trash. Then empty the trash. You can reinstall the software from either web or Mac App Store.

Contact Developer

If nothing has worked so far, contacting the concerned developer is the right thing to do. You can find the contact option on the app or get the information on official website as well.

Additional Troubleshooting Methods:

Apart from these aforementioned troubleshooting steps, faulty hardware and unknown extensions can also be the issue.

Removing Plugins

Unwanted and malicious extension can cause the crashing of an app. Try disabling or removing the extension from the installed browsers.


Launch Chrome and go to the menu located at the top right corner. Then from the drop-down menu, choose More tools, then extensions. Choose which extension to disable or remove.


Launch Firefox and go to Firefox menu.

Select Add-ons and then disable the unwanted or bad addon.

Microsoft Edge:

Launch Edge and go to Edge menu.

Go to Extensions and decide which one to remove or disable.



Launch Safari

Click Safari menu, then Preferences

Click Extensions from preferences panel.

Disconnect Newly Connected Hardware

If you have installed a new hardware onto your computer and then notice that a certain app is misbehaving. Then the hardware installed could be the culprit. To know for sure, remove the hardware and check if the issue persists. If it doesn’t, then you need to update the version of hardware drivers from the manufacturer website.

So, in this way you fix apps freezing and crashing issue, while you are using Mac, Android, iOS or Windows. If you are facing this issue, try these steps and let us know if you face any problem in the comments.  Fix Apps Freezing And Crashing.

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