How to Fix a Frozen iPhone

In spite of Apple being a top player as far as smartphones are concerned, they have their fair share of problems. If you have updated your device to iOS 10, then you are probably facing lesser problems. But if you haven’t, or if your phone doesn’t support the latest iOS version then the struggle must be tough for you. Out of the many problems, the most common one is phone freezing which might happen when you are least expect it. However, this issue shouldn’t become a barrier for you to use an iPhone. Here are some of the hacks that you can use when your iPhone stops responding all of a sudden.

How to fix a frozen iPhone

Freezing on your iPhone can happen due to many reasons such as, any particular app getting frozen or even your iPhone itself getting frozen. Here is how to fix a frozen iPhone.

  • Force-close a frozen app:

If any of the app(s) in particular is causing the glitch, you should try force-shutting the app. If you’re running iOS 7, double tap the Home button to bring up multitask bar. Now scroll left or right until you see the frozen app. Next, swipe up on the screenshot of the app to close the app. If you’re running iOS 6, you should do it by tapping on Home button, then double tap the Home button to bring the multitask bar. Now hold on to the app icon until the icons start wiggling. Next tap on the red minus (-) button to close any app.

  • Restart your iPhone:


If you don’t want to force-close apps on your iPhone or if it doesn’t respond, you should proceed to the next hack- Restart your iPhone. Simply hold down the sleep button of your phone until the red ‘slide to power off’ doesn’t appear. Now slide on the red stripe and turn off your phone. Once it is properly turned off, you should proceed to the turning on step. Hold on to the sleep button until you don’t see Apple logo on your phone and then let complete booting up process.

  • Force-restart your phone:


If the freezing on your device is even severe and your phone isn’t responding to any of your command, head on to force-restart. To do this, hold on to sleep and home button together until the Apple logo appears. Your phone will restart now. After a few seconds, your phone will be in ready-to-use mode.

  • Reset to factory defaults:


After trying these hacks, if the issue still persists on your device then consider resetting your phone setting. This is will help bring back your device in its original state, where none of the settings are changed. To do this, go to Settings app> tap on General> Reset> Reset all settings. Once this has been done your phone settings will revert to the original form while data on it won’t get affected.

  • Restore using iTunes:

You can also use iTunes to fix freezing on your iPhone. To do this, plug your phone to your computer via USB cable. Next select your iPhone from source list and go to Summary tab. Now select Restore iPhone. This will help you create a backup of your phone’s settings. After this, download and install a fresh copy of iOS and revert to default settings of your iPhone. Once all this is done, you can put back the data on your iPhone.

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These are some hacks to fix freezing on your iPhone. Other than this, you can also unload your device whenever it’s loaded with data. This will help you release some memory space on your phone. This was about iPhone hacks to fix freezing. You can also learn hacks to unfreeze Android smartphone from here.

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    This information refers to IOS 6 & 7 which seems to me to be incredibly outdated!?

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