How to find who is stealing your Wi-Fi?

Mere 20 years ago, the Internet was just an innovation. It was a smart way to reach out to people, do research, share information and more. And today it has changed drastically. Not only in terms of how it is used but also the speed it offers.

In earlier days Internet was tied to wires and today with technological advancement Internet can be used wirelessly. Today we have Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G that can be used on smartphones, laptops allowing users to access endless entertainment and connect with friends worldwide.

How to find who is stealing your Wi-Fi

But certain factors can make your Wi-Fi run slow due to which you may face problem in accessing certain sites and connecting with the world. Most of these factors are not to be blamed but, if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi bandwidth then what?

Here in this article, we’ll discuss how to find out if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi and what to do about it.

How to find who is stealing your Wi-Fi-2

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How to Find if Someone is Stealing your Wi-Fi?

By using certain steps mentioned below even a novice can identify if someone is stealing the Wi-Fi. As all wireless routers have blinking lights we can use these lights to know if someone is using your Wi-Fi without your permission.

To use this low-tech method, you’ll need to disconnect every device connected with your Wi-Fi. This means you need to disconnect your laptop, smartphone, smart TV and any other device that is connected with the Wi-Fi.

How to find who is stealing your Wi-Fi

If after disconnecting all the devices the lights on the router are still blinking, then there’s a possibility your Wi-Fi is being used by someone.

But if you consider this method as painstaking there is an alternate method to know who is using your Wi-Fi. This method is known as the high-tech method.

Hi-Tech method to Know who is using your Wi-Fi

Besides, following the low-tech method to find who is hacking your Wi-Fi you can use an alternative hi-tech method.

To use this method, you need to login to your router by typing its IP address into your browser’s address bar. Either or works usually if this doesn’t work you can check your router for the same. Now enter the username and password to log in.

Once you are logged in search for Attached Devices section or Device List. This will bring a list of all IP addresses currently being used.

Certain routers allow IP Filtering using this option you can get to know IP address of all the connected devices.

Apart from this you can take help from certain apps too to know who’s stealing your Wi-Fi.

Hi-Tech method to know who is using your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Inspector

First on our list is a Chrome download that works for free and shows you list of all the devices on your network. The list consists of details like IP address, device name, and more. Using all these details you can identify your devices and the unfamiliar ones.

Wireless Network Watcher

Another tool that can be used to identify who is stealing your Wi-Fi is Wireless Network Watcher. This independent tool works on both Mac and Windows operating system. It keeps a watch on suspicious wireless activity and monitors all connected devices.

Using these apps, you can easily keep a check on intruders stealing your Wi-Fi bandwidth.

Now, that you know how to know who is hacking your Wi-Fi. It’s time to take some precautions to stop intruder from stealing Wi-Fi:

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How to Secure your Wi-Fi Connection?

Using the ways mentioned below you can secure your Wi-Fi connection and avoid being a victim of Wi-Fi hacking:

How to secure your Wi-Fi connection

1. Password Protect your Wi-Fi Router

After following above checks if you see that someone is stealing your Wi-Fi. The first thing you need to do is password protect your Wi-Fi with a complex and long password. This is done to stop anyone from hacking your Wi-Fi and stealing Wi-Fi bandwidth. Once the password is setup remember to change it monthly. This step will help you always stay one step ahead of the Wi-Fi hacker.

Moreover, you can also try utilizing WPA2 or WPA security. As these settings make wireless connections strong difficult to hack.

2. Change Router Name

Change router name to something suspicious. Avoid keeping default name or obvious name for your router. Router name can be changes from wireless settings menu.

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3. Change Wi-Fi Password

If you suspect that someone has hacked your Wi-Fi and is stealing the Wi-Fi bandwidth even after you are paying the bill. You need to change the password. Once you do so all the unwanted connected devices will automatically be disconnected.

Change Wi-Fi Password

4. Use Mac Filtering

This one is the most secure method to keep hackers away from your Wi-Fi. Mac filtering allows to block device unique hardware address. This address is given out by the manufacturer.

Use Mac filtering

Using these methods, you can easily detect if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi and keep hackers away. We would like to know if you used any of the methods to know who’s stealing your Wi-Fi? Please leave a comment for us.

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