How to Erase All Trails of your YouTube Search History and Watch History

When it comes to watching online videos and movies, YouTube is the first name that comes to our mind. Initially released back in 2005 and since then it has never looked back. YouTube has become our go to place to enjoy our favorite music and videos. With each and every update this service has substantially improved and become one of our most loved services used worldwide.

One of the best (or worst) things about YouTube is that it remembers each and every video which you search or watch. It then uses these recommendations to improve our experience by offering personalized video suggestions. But if you don’t want YouTube to collect all this data, you can put an end to it right now.

Here’s a quick guide on how to delete YouTube search history and erase almost all trails of your watch history.

How to Remove Specific Items From your Watch History (Search History)

If you don’t want to erase your entire watch history and just want to remove specific items then here’s what you need to do.

Launch YouTube on your device and tap the three horizontal lines icon to open menu.

 Remove Specific Items

Tap on “History”.

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A list of previously viewed items will appear on screen. Simply tap the “X” button next to a video to remove it from your watch history.

tap the “X” button

Select the “Search history” option to view the list of all recent searches. To get rid of a specific search tap on the “X” button right next to it.

Search history

You can follow the same steps on your Android or iPhone as well. Launch the YouTube app on your Smartphone. Tap the “Library” icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the app, and then select “History”.

select “History”

A list of all recent videos will appear on screen. Tap on the three-dot icon next to a video which you wish to remove and then tap on “Remove from Watchlist” so that it no longer appears on screen.

Remove from Watchlist

How to Delete Entire Watch History

If by any chance you decide on deleting your entire YouTube watch history rather than removing specific items here’s what you need to do. But before you proceed further we just want to give you a lil heads up as once you delete your entire watch history, YouTube will offer worse recommendations (at first).

To delete entire YouTube watch history, tap on three dots icon on top left corner to pull up menu. Tap on “History”.

On the right you will see a “Clear Watch History” option.

Clear Watch History

A pop-up box will appear on screen asking for your confirmation. Go ahead and tap on “Clear watch history” to proceed.

To delete your entire watch history on mobile app, head on to Library > History. Tap the menu button and then select “History Settings” option.

History Settings

Under History and privacy, tap on “Clear Watch history” option.

 Clear Watch history

To remove your entire search history, tap on “Clear Search History” option which you’ll find right next below it.

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Switch to YouTube Incognito Mode

If you don’t want to get caught up in this constant process of deleting watch history and search history every time you watch an embarrassing video, then using YouTube’s Incognito mode might be a better option.

To switch to Incognito mode on YouTube, tap on your profile icon and select “Turn on Incognito” option.

Turn on Incognito

As of now this feature is only available on Android, but soon it will roll on to iOS and desktop versions of YouTube.

So folks, here was a quick guide on how to delete YouTube search history and watch history to save yourself from any kind of embarrassment. if you find this blog useful feel free to drop your feedback in the comments box below.

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