How To Enable LED Notification On iPhone

Keeping your iPhone enabled for LED notification light is a sensible move and handy especially when you’re in club and not able to hear incoming call. Then a blinking alert of LED light could bring into notice if you have any call or message coming.

However, activating LED flash notifications can deduce your battery life. If you notice sudden battery drop after activating the feature, then you can disable it when not needed. A perfect combo of banners, alert messages and LED alerts will help you never miss an important alert.

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In this post, we have listed a step by step to enable LED notification light on iPhone.

How to Turn on Notifications LED Flash on Your iPhone?

Follow the below instructions to turn on notification LED flash on your iPhone:

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and go to “Settings”.

How To Enable LED Notification On iPhone- 1

Step 2: Choose “General”.

How To Enable LED Notification On iPhone -2

Step 3: Select “Accessibility”.

Step 4: Click on “LED Flash for Alerts”.

How To Enable LED Notification On iPhone - 4

Step 5: Now, you need to toggle on your LED Flash for Alerts.

How To Enable LED Notification On iPhone


Note: If your notifications LED flash on your iPhone is already enabled and you’re looking forward to disabling it, then you need to toggle off your LED Flash for Alerts to disable the visual notification on iPhone.

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How to Turn on LED Flash in Silent Mode

 Most of times we put our smartphone on silent mode when we’ve to be in an important meeting and tend to forget to switch it on ringer when it is over. So, turning on LED flash on silent mode will make sure you won’t miss any of your important call at any cost. Follow the below mentioned steps to turn on LED flash in silent mode.

Step 1: Go to “Settings” from your home screen.

Step 2: Hit “General”.

How to Turn on LED Flash in Silent Mode - 1

Step 3: Click on “Accessibility”.

How to Turn on LED Flash in Silent Mode - 3

Step 4: Choose “LED Flash for Alerts”.

How to Turn on LED Flash in Silent Mode

Step 5: Now, select the second option which says, “Flash on Silent” and enable it to get LED flash in silent mode. That’s it, Pretty easy right?

How to Turn on LED Flash in Silent Mode - 5

Please keep in mind, enabling visual notification will not only give you LED flash at the time you receive a call, but you also get visual notification for other notification that you receive be it a message, an email or Instagram comment. However, if you’re an Apple Watch owner and your Apple watch is paired with your iPhone then enabling LED notifications light on iPhone on won’t blink when get incoming calls or messages.

Whether your iPhone is on ringer or on silent mode, you can always enjoy visual notification LED light to know your phone has something for you.

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