How to Enable Hidden Offline Browsing In Google Chrome

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The “Work Offline” feature of Chrome is somewhat concealed as compared to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which have it directly available for their users. “Work Offline” option allows users to save a page and read it later.  Internet Explorer and Firefox save a copy of the web pages that you browse and display the local copy when you are offline. It is a great feature when you are traveling and don’t have Internet, you can open and read websites which you have accessed while you were connected to the Internet.  However, you can use it on Chrome as well by applying a workaround as the feature is somewhat hidden.

In this post, we have listed the steps to unhide the offline browsing option in Google Chrome.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome.

Step 2: Go to Address Bar, type chrome://flags/
Enable Hidden Offline Browsing In Google Chrome

Step 3:  You will get a list of functions and features, locate, “Show Saved Copy Button” (You can search it by Ctrl + F)

Enable Hidden Offline Browsing In Google Chrome

Step 4: There will be four options available: Enable: Primary, Enable: Secondary, Disable Default, Set it to “Enabled“, and restart the browser.

Enable Hidden Offline Browsing In Google Chrome

Step 5: Once you choose the option, it will give you a prompt Relaunch Now which can be seen at the bottom of the page. Click on it and the changes will take place.

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Now, the next time, you launch your Chrome without a working Internet connection and enter a URL, it will ask you to “Show Saved copy” given the URL entered is saved in the local cache.

Note: If you want to access a page, then it is recommended to copy and paste the URL into notes or any word document before closing your Google Chrome.

So, this is the way to get the offline browsing mode on in Google Chrome. Do it and access your favorite websites whenever you need without an internet connection.

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