How To Eliminate Potential Risks Of Smart Speaker?

Smart speaker is one the biggest hits in the stream of technology for past 2 years. It is true that they have changed the way you used to look at your home and now they’ve transformed it into smart homes. With smart speakers, you’ve got your personal assistant to talk to, question to and even get you a table reservation in your favorite restaurant. But, the recent reports have revealed a few risks that may leave you rethinking upon buying one for you home.

With everything going smooth with smart speakers, these new devices may carry hidden risks and threats. It is important to know that these devices are too new to be reliable and lack adequate experience among human beings. So, here’s how you can eliminate potential risks of smart speakers:

Smart Speaker

1. Connections:

Now that smart speakers are designed to connect them to different devices like lights, thermostat, television etc. However, many users connect smart speakers to security devices like CCTV cameras, smart locks etc. This way you can avoid a situation when a burglar gains access inside your home.


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2. Sharing Confidential Info:

yes, it is fun to have your smart speaker remember a few things like birthdays and few reminders. However, you’d want to think before letting your smart speaker know about your credit cards numbers, Social Security number etc. it is possible that anyone may gain access over the device.

Sharing Confidential Info

3. Turn off the microphone:

it is important that you consider muting your device, when not in use. You must know that your device remains on standby even when its not being used. This way, it may overhear a phrase as its active phrase and do something unexpected.

4. Turn off ‘personal results’:

Your smart speaker helps you manage your bills and other personal information. This way, you may end up exposing information that you’d never wish to share. To avoid this, just turn this feature off.

5. Network:

It is recommended that you never connect your device to an open network and rather go for a WPA2 encrypted Wi-Fi network. You may also opt to create a guest Wi-Fi network for your guests and other less secure IoT devices.


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6. Turn off purchasing:

Your smart speakers are capable of purchasing on your command. This makes anyone with access to your device can buy anything using your cards or banks. The solution to this problem is that you turn off the purchasing.

7. Enable voice recognition:

Smart speakers let you confiture voice recognition. However, the feature may not be available with every brand or the mode. But, if it is there, consider setting up with your voice so that your device can differentiate between an authorized command and an imposter’s.

Enable voice recognition

Overall, evolution is the nature of technology, but it is better if you’re ready for the potential risks that may be hidden and veiled. When you transform your home into a smart home with smart speakers, you may consider following above points to get a step ahead of any risk that may lead to a breach in privacy or security. If you wish to share some tips and tricks related to smart speakers, do let us know in the comments below.

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