How To Download Complete Webpages In Your PC To Browse Offline

When working on an unreliable internet connection, you may want to download complete webpages in your PC to browse offline. Once the page is downloaded, you can freely browse through it without an internet connection. You’re allowed to download the full or the part of the website through this simple method we’re going to explain:

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  1. Download and install HTTrack software for free.
  2. Launch the website.

WinhTTrack website copier3. Name the project and assign the category. Also, if you wish to change the path, simply do it by clicking on the button.

winhTTrack project4. Select the ‘Action’ from the dropdown list (Specify whether you wish to download the complete website or separated files) followed by clicking on Next.

WinhTTrack5. Make the changes if required; else, click on Finish.

Remote connect winhTTrack

6. As soon as you start the downloading, you can see different listings. If a file takes too long to download, you can simply skip it or cancel the action.

WinhTTrack parsing html file7. Your website is downloaded and ready to access.

winhttrack operation

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It’s always beneficial to take a backup of your website (if you own one) using HTTrack software. You may not find the interface a lucrative one, but it is very popular to perform its intended work. Although, there are various tools available online, which help you to download complete websites in your PC to browse offline.

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