How To Disable Gmail’s Irritating New Features

Google recently revamped Gmail, not only changed the interface but introduced new features such as Nudge(reminds you to follow-up an email), Smart Compose(finishes sentences while you type a mail). In October 2018, the features and new Gmail was accessible to all, also with no alternative to going back to the older one.

Some of the Gmail users have accepted the changes and happy to use them. However, some people don’t find the revamped Gmail features user-friendly and want to disable them, but didn’t know how! Don’t worry, in this post, we have listed least and most irritating features of Gmail.

Google Apps Side Pane

With new Gmail interface, users have got a side panel which can be located at the right-hand side of the new Gmail inbox. The side panel displays three icons: Calendar, Keep (an app to take notes) and Tasks (an app to create a to-do list)

If you don’t the side panel to appear on the side of the web page, you can do it by clicking on an arrow. You need to locate the arrow from the bottom right side of the window. If you click on it, the panel will disappear and click on it to make it reappear.

Also, upon choosing the option, Gmail remembers the preference and next you log in to Gmail, you will not see the side panel.

The Nudge

Nobody likes nudging or poking. Gmail’s new feature Nudge function in a similar manner and it could annoy you as well. If you didn’t reply to an email which seems important to Gmail, then Gmail will often bring it to the top to remind you to address the email. If you are annoyed by often nudge by Gmail, then you can disable it. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Click on the gear icon i.e. Settings, located on the upper right corner of the window.
    The Nudge
  • You will get a list of several options, such as Maximum page size, Language. Navigate to find “Nudges” and disable “Suggest emails to reply to” & “Suggest emails to follow up on.”
    The Nudge-1

Smart Reply

Whenever you receive an email, you can see the option of simple responses such as Yes, I am interested! Or Thanks and many others. This feature allows users to respond with just a single click. To disable the setting, go to the Settings (gear icon) located on the upper right corner of the window. On the Settings page, navigate to Smart Reply and click on the “Smart Reply off” option.

Smart Reply

Smart Reply-1

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Smart Compose

Smart Compose, is a feature which finishes your sentences when you are drafting an email. As you start typing in the email body, Gmail will give you a phrase as a hit and if you like it, then you can press Tab key to keep it. However, not everyone finds it useful, if you are one of them, then you can deactivate it.  To deactivate it, you need to head to the Settings page. Settings (gear icon) is located on the upper right corner of the window, click it. On the Settings page, navigate to Smart Compose, click on the “Writing suggestions off” option.

Smart Compose

Smart Compose-1

So, these are the some of the new features of revamped Gmail and if you find them irritating then you can disable them. Also, if you don’t like the new interface, you can go back to the basic HTML view

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