How To Disable Fluent Design Effects In Windows 10?

Windows 10 has been the most beautiful interface of Windows OS so far. It is not the only quality that Windows has. It also comes with a lot of features which helps in better browsing experience. With every releasing update of Windows 10, it is improvising and adding new features. One of the most stressed features is Fluent Design System. Microsoft is giving more recognition to it.

Fluent Design System, the project neon, first came into the picture in 2017. It included five basic elements, Depth, Light, Scale, Motion and Material. These features help in the development of various visual effects which you can see in several parts of Windows 10 user interface.

It is said that acrylic is one of the most leading Fluent design effects which can be pointed out very easily. The translucent background that appears when access Start Menu or Action Center.

Another notable effect is light inspired reveal. It is the dazzling effect that comes up when you take your mouse pointer over the components in the Settings app along with other native apps on Windows.

These effects are mesmerizing but not everyone loves the fluent design effect, if you are one of them, then you must want to know how to disable it. In this post, we have listed steps to disable fluent design elements in Windows 10, to know read on!

Steps To Deactivate Fluent Design System Updates In Windows 10

You can disable changes brought to fluent design system on Windows by Microsoft using the Settings app. However, we don’t have an option specifically designed to disable the entire fluent design, but you can disable transparency which could help.

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This option can be accessed on Windows 10 computer with Fall Creators Update. Let’s check out how to disable fluent design updates in Windows 10:

Step 1: Go to Start menu and click on Settings to launch Settings app.

Note: Press Windows and I to get Settings.

Step 2: Now, on Settings app, click on Personalization.

Step 3: On Personalization window, locate and click Colors.

Step 4: Navigate to Transparency Effects and switch the toggle to the left-hand side to disable it.

Once done, you will not see fluent design effects on Windows 10 computer. If you ever want to activate fluent design effects, you can switch the toggle button to the right-hand side.

What Difference Does It Make When Fluent Design is Disabled?

When you turn off Transparent effects to disable Fluent Design update, you are taking away all the good looks of Windows 10. However, if you look at the positive aspect of the fluent design, you will get to know that you are saving CPU resources and also the battery if using a laptop. However, switching the toggle button to left doesn’t assure that all the fluent design changes are disabled but it does make the visible ones disappear.

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What do you think about Fluent Design in Windows 10? Do you like it? You can express your thoughts in the comments section below.

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