How to Disable Discord Overlay

Discord is nonetheless but a gamer’s paradise where they can communicate via chat, voice, or video with other members of the community with shared interests. Discord was originally designed for video game communities to offer them a virtual space where they could connect with their friends and members. But over time, Discord gained immense popularity, and this digital platform is now used by other communities and groups as well associated with arts, sports, or just a handful of friends who want to talk about their latest obsession.

Disable Discord Overlay
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Another huge reason that made Discord such a big hit worldwide is because of its cross-platform support on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and all web browsers as well. So, if you’re already acquainted with this digital platform, you must’ve heard of Discord overlay, right? If not, then here’s a quick summary.

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What is Discord Overlay

What is Discord Overlay
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So, what exactly is Discord overlay? For those who’re unfamiliar with this term, Discord Overlay is a powerful tool that enables a specific set of tools while you’re playing games. When the Discord overlay is activated, it allows you to chat, answer calls, join other groups, and communicate with other members while you’re enjoying your gaming sessions. In simple parlance, Discord Overlay offers you access to communicate with your friends while a game is running.

Image Source: Discord Blog
Image Source: Discord Blog

But sometimes, Discord Overlay gets on your nerves. Especially when you start getting annoyed with a bombardment of notifications crawling up your screen. There are a few games which you want to play in peace, without having to communicate with others, isn’t it? Lucky enough, Discord offers you an option where you can disable Discord overlay by making a few tweaks in the settings.

Here’s a quick guide on how to disable Discord overlay for all games and specific games, however you prefer.

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How to Disable the Discord Overlay for all Games

Follow these below-mentioned steps to disable Discord overlay altogether.

  1. Launch the Discord app on your device.
  2. Head on to the “User Settings” option and select “Overlay” from the menu.
  3. Toggle off the “Enable In-game overlay” option to disable the overlay.
How to Disable the Discord Overlay for all Games
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Once you follow these steps, the Discord overlay won’t appear on any of the games that you play. But if you want to disable the overlay for just a specific set of games then read on.

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How to Disable Discord Overlay for a Specific Game

Discord understands your gaming needs and requirements. Hence, it also offers you an option where you can disable the overlay for a particular game. Wondering how to do so? Follow these quick steps to disable Discord Overlay for a specific game.

  • Launch the Discord app on your device and head on to Settings.
  • Select “Overlay” option and then enable the “Enable In-game overlay” option.
  • Switch to the “Games” tab and then pick the game for which you want the Discord overlay enabled so that you can communicate while playing.

How to Disable Discord Overlay

Once you’ve selected all the games for which you need the overlay, then toggle off the “Enable In-Game overlay” option.

Doing so will make sure that the Discord Overlay is only enabled for a specific set of games that you explicitly mentioned in the “Games” tab. For rest all the games, the Discord Overlay will stay disabled.

how to disable discord overlay
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We hope you learned something new today. This wraps our guide on how to disable Discord Overlay for all games or a specific game, as per your requirement.

Make the most of your gaming sessions “Discordians”!

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