How To Directly Save Webpages As PDF In iOS 11

PDF files are really convenient to read and also to share, hence they are preferred by most users. There are different apps for Windows or Mac based systems that can be used to create PDF files with their free or paid version.

However, do you know that you can also directly save a webpage as PDF in iOS 11? That is true, if you own an iPhone with OS version 11 and above, then you save a webpage as PDF to read it in offline mode or to share it with others.

Note: Before moving on with this, please note this feature is currently available for Safari Browser only.

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How to Save a Webpage as PDF In iPhone or iPad

If you have recently purchased a latest iPhone or if you have upgraded the iOS version to 11 in your already owned iPhone, then you can easily save a webpage as PDF for offline reading or for sharing. To do so just follow the easy steps below:

  1. Launch Safari web browser in your iPhone and navigate to the webpage which you wish to save as webpage in your iOS device.
  2. Once the web page gets loaded completely, just tap on Share icon from extreme below of browser.
    navigate webpage

3. Now you will get Activities sheet, so just scroll to the right side from it to find ‘Create PDF’ option and tap on it. Once this will get completed, you can see the preview of PDF created and then you simply need to tap on ‘Done’ from top left corner.
create pdf

share icon

4. Now here you will find two options ‘Save File To’ and ‘Delete PDF’. So, if you wish to discard the PDF then tap on Delete PDF. Whereas, if you really wish to save the PDF, simply tap on ‘Save File To”.
save file

5. Once you proceed to save PDF file, you will see the options like ‘iCloud Drive’ and ‘On My iPhone’. So, if you wish to access the PDF file remotely or on other device, then just tap on ‘iCloud Drive’ and click on ‘Add’. You can also find this PDF in Files app recently presented with iOS 11.

icloud drive

Whereas, if you only wish to have it on your device then go for second option i.e. ‘On My iPhone’.

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If you are an iPhone user and use it to read different web articles, then this is a nice option, as this feature helps to read a webpage in offline mode also it is shareable with everyone.

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