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Ransomware is becoming the favorite kind of malware for cyber criminals to install on systems. Malware is a program designed to infect the system by taking control of the data present in it. Ransomware is also a kind of malware. It infects the system when users click on a malicious link (unknowingly) present as an email attachment. The link contains malware which encrypts/ locks users’ files and demands a ransom to unlock/ decrypt the .locky files.

Cyber criminals have developed malware to draw out money from people and organizations. The ultramodern step in this process is the introduction of ransomware with its variants.

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One of the variants is Locky Ransomware. It is considered as one of the destructive ransomware that encrypts/ locks file using RSA-2048 and AES-1024 algorithms and demands 0.5 Bitcoins for unlocking/ decrypting the documents and files in the system.

How Locky Ransomware Infects the System?

Locky ransomware enters the system through spam email attachments. After downloading attachment, the locky ransomware gets installed on the system. It starts scanning users’ system to lock files using AES encryption algorithm.

Once the files are locked, locky creates a supplementary .txt file in each folder. These folders consist of encrypted files. Apart from this, ransomware changes the desktop wallpaper.
Both text files and wallpaper comprises of the same message that informs users about the locking of the system. It states that users will have to pay ransom to get their data back. The instructions are provided to users for how they can pay the ransom.

How to Decrypt .locky Ransomware Files:-

It is not a good approach to pay the ransom and purchase the Locky decrypter/ unlocking program. Paying ransom will encourage cyber criminals for attacking more systems. Besides this, there is no guarantee that users will get the key to unlocking the system even after paying the ransom.

It makes sense to implement a few of smart techniques in order to restore the encrypted/ locked data. You can look for Locky Ransomware removal tactics to decrypt .locky files.

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Shadow Volume copies:-

This method depends on upon the Windows backup feature. The restore feature creates the backup after every defined schedule. If the system restore feature was switched on before the attack took place, files can be recovered. If changes were made to a file after the last restore point, they won’t be mirrored in the recovered file version.

Use Previous Version Feature:-

The Properties dialog box for random files has an option called Previous Versions. This option helps in recovering files. Right click on a file, go to Properties, click on Previous Versions and select the Copy or Restore option, depending upon the location user would like to recover files to.

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Use Shadow Explorer:-

The above-mentioned process can be automated with the help of Shadow Explorer. It performs the same task but in an easier way. Download the free app and run it to restore the desired files and folders. Right click on any of the entries and select Export feature.

Backup Data:-

Backing up all the files regularly is a sign of intelligence and aware user which can rescue him from the attack.

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This is not at all a big task. In fact, many tools are available for backing up files on Cloud to ensure security. Right Backup Anywhere can restore the information easily from the Cloud. This is really effective method since it creates an automatic backup after the specified time interval.

Check for Leftovers of Locky Virus:-

In case you decide to clean system manually, some portion of ransomware may not be detected. To ensure that no viruses are present in the system, get a reliable anti-malware security suite for the system.

Remove .locky with Advanced System Protector:-

This is an easy and efficient way to detect malware on a timely basis. The use of reputable security suite will help in detecting all viruses and will ensure complete removal of viruses in a single click. Consider that removing the infection and recovering files are two different things. Removal of the virus is essential to avoid promotion of other viruses in the system.


Use Advanced System Protector to remove the ransomware infection from system. Initiate the program to scan the system for viruses and malware. The scan results will report the detected virus and malware. Fix the threats with ASP to eradicate the infection from the root. Advanced System Protector is the best and safest Locky Ransomware removal hack. Get the tool and keep Ransomware threats far away from your system!

Enhance your set of security tools to protect the system from increasing threats of Ransomware. It is expected to hear more about ransomware attack this year. Stay safe!

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