How To Customize Or Create Vibration Alerts For Calls And Notifications On iPhone

Unlike other smartphones it is not easy to set custom ringtones on iPhone. Still iPhone is an amazing gadget and there are lots of things that iPhones do but other phones may not.

But when using an iPhone, you can create your own custom patterns for phone vibrations or choose from preloaded patterns. Not just this, you can set different vibration patterns for different callers. That means even you have your phone in your pocket and your hands are busy, you can still recognize the caller. So here is how you can change how your iPhone vibrates.

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Changing Default Vibration For All Callers And Notifications

  1. Go to settings from the home screen of your iPhone.
    iPhone settings
  2. Go to Sounds and tap on Ringtones or Text tones for whichever you want to change vibration patterns.
    iPhone sounds
  3. Next tap on Vibrations. You will find some preloaded vibration patterns tap any one of them to set you will also feel the vibration when you will tap any of the vibration pattern.
    iPhone vibration
  4. To create a new vibration alert, tap on Create New Vibration.
    create new vibration on iPhone
  5. Now on the given screen tap or long press you will feel vibration accordingly one you are done you can play the recorded vibration
  6. Tap on Save to save the recorded vibration. While saving you can rename the recorded vibration.
    Save new vibration

That is all now you can set this recorded vibration as default for your calls or Notifications.

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Changing Vibration Alerts For Contacts:

To set different vibration alerts for different contacts follow these steps.

  1. Go to Contacts and search for the contact for which you want to set the custom vibration alert.
  2. Tap on Edit given on the top right of the screen.
    iPhone contacts
  3. In the edit Window, you will find more options to add information about the contact. Scroll down and you will find Ringtone and Text tone tap which is already se to default. Tap on them to make changes.
    iPhone contact ringtone default
  4. Now tap on Vibration and tap on “Create New Vibration
    iPhone vibration
  5. Create New vibration alert by tapping on the screen and then save it with any name.iPhone new vibration
  6. Tap on Done and then again tap on Done to save the edited contact.
    iPhone ringtone

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That is all, now you will get your customized vibration alert when you will get a call or text from the chosen number. This is how you will get to know that who is calling or texting you even when you have your iPhone in pocket or on the table.

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