How to Customize Echo Spot’s Home screen

2018 is truly a year for Smart assistants! The market is flooded with variety of smart devices which aim to make our daily lives easier. When talking about smart assistants, Amazon Alexa speakers happen to be one of our top picks, right? And especially with the launch of Echo Show and Echo Spot our digital experience with these new generation speakers has been kinda amazing. The best catch about these devices is the unique features which they offer and their pocket-friendly price tag of course.

Unlike other Amazon Alexa devices, Echo Show and Spot allow you to customize the home screen just how you like it. By applying a few tweaks in settings you can make your device look stunning as per your personal preferences.

Echo SpotHere’s a quick guide on how to customize Echo Spot’s home screen and giving it a whole new avatar.

How to Customize Home Screen on Echo Show or Echo Spot

Customizing the home screen on Echo Show and Spot is pretty simple and straightforward:

  • Access settings by swiping down on the home screen of Echo Spot or Show.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Home and Clock”.

Customize Home Screen on Echo Show

  • Hit on “Clock”.
  • Now here, you’ll be offered with a few options that you can pick from like Recent locks, Modern, Photography, Classic or personal photos.
  • Suppose you select Classic then you will see a variety of options within its subcategory: Zen, Schoolhouse, Kaleidoscope, Texture and Stellar.
  • You can also select more than one background for your home screen. Keep scrolling through the different options and hit the checkmark button to select it for your home screen.
  • If you select the personal photos option, you have to either sign up to your Prime photos account or use the Alexa mobile app.
  • Prime Photos: If you select the Prime photos option then you can directly set up a personal photo as background via Echo device. Head on to settings > Home & Clock > Clock > Personal Photos > Background > Prime Photos.
  • Alexa app: You can also side load personal photos via Alexa app. To do so launch Alexa app on your Smartphone, head on to settings, home screen background, select any photo from your gallery and upload it on your Alexa app. Once the image is uploaded you can use it to set as background on your Echo Show or Echo Spot device.

How to Set up Home cards on Echo Show or Echo Spot

Set up Home cards on Echo ShowApart from setting a background on your device, you can also add a bunch of useful information on the home screen like messages, weather update, upcoming events, reminders, trending topics and more.

Swipe down on Echo Show/Spot home screen to access Settings. Head on to Home and Clock, and then tap on Home cards. In this way, you can choose which all home cards you wish to display on your Echo Spot or Echo show device.

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How to Enable the Night Time Clock on Echo Show or Echo Spot

Enable the Night Time Clock on Echo ShowIf you preferably keep you Echo device near your bed, you can also pick the Night time clock for a soothing display. To enable the night mode on Echo Show or Echo Spot head on to Settings > Home & Clock > Night Mode and enable the Night time clock.

So, folks here was a quick guide on how to customize the Echo Spot’s home screen and keep its display just how you like it!

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