How To Create, View, Modify And Save Strong Passwords On iOS 12?

Apple’s USP is its concentration on iPhone’s security. With upcoming new iOS upgrade, it is easy to create, store, and auto-fill passwords to your iCloud Keychain while you create accounts in Safari or other apps.

The password stored work and are synced on all the devices which are connected with your iCloud account. So all the Apple devices which is signed in with the account will be able to access saved passwords in iCloud.

In this post, we have listed the way to create, view, modify and save strong passwords in Keychain On iOS 12.

How To Create, & Save Passwords In KeyChain?

How To Create, & Save Passwords In KeyChain

iOS 12 comes with an automatic password generator which works well when you are creating a new account whether on Safari or any third-party apps.

As you click on password field while creating any account, iOS will quickly suggest you a random, strong password for the account being discussed. These passwords are not that easy to memorize, that’s why iOS stores the password to your iCloud Keychain for later usage.

To use the password generated, you need to tap “Use Strong Password” to affirm that you want to use it and once you do it, it gets saved to your Keychain once you are done with creating the account. In this way you can create and save passwords in Keychain

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How To Use AutoFill Passwords from Keychain?

How To Use AutoFill Passwords from Keychain

Now you know how to get strong password and save it to your Keychain. Let’s know how to use Autofill Passwords from Keychain.

When you want to sign in to your account, the iOS Keychain will fill the password automatically.

As you tap on username field, you will get your saved accounts on QuickType Bar over keyboard. Choose the one that you want, and it will prompt to use your Touch ID, Face ID or

passcode to authenticate that it’s really you. As you input the passcode or use Touch ID or Face ID, the username and password is filled with credentials and then tap on Sign in to proceed.

If you are not able to get saved accounts over your keyboard, then locate key icon from right hand side and access it after authenticating yourself via Face ID, passcode, Touch ID. You can access your saved passwords in Keychain. Tap on the correct credentials and it will autofill in the respective fields.

How To View & Modify Saved Credentials In AutoFill Menu?

If you want to view or make any changes in saved credentials in Keychain, then follow these steps:

  • Navigate To Settings from home screen.
    View & Modify Saved Credentials In AutoFill Menu
  • On Settings page, locate Accounts & Passwords.
    How To View & Modify Saved Credentials In AutoFill Menu-1
  • Now tap on App & Website Passwords. To access it you need to authenticate via Touch ID, Face ID or Passcode.
  • Once done, you will get the list of passwords.
    View & Modify Saved Credentials In AutoFill Menu-1
    You can tap on any password, view and modify passwords.

Note: You can use Siri to display login data. Just speak “Show me my passwords.”

If you don’t want your passwords to get automatically filled, then you can use disable the feature. To do that go to Settings.

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  • Then navigate to Safari
    View & Modify Saved Credentials In AutoFill Menu-2
  • Under Safari, click Autofill.
  • You can disable Autofill for Name & Passwords and more.
    View & Modify Saved Credentials In AutoFill Menu-4
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However, if you are using third party app, then you disable the default Keychain app.

So in this way you can simply create, view, modify and save strong passwords in Keychain On iOS 12.

With the ability to create strong passwords, Apple has proved that it is concerned about the security and tends to work towards it. Along with this feature, with iOS 12, Apple has made browsing safer and secure on Safari on your iPhone.

We are excited to see what else is Apple bringing with iOS 12, aren’t you?

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