How To Create Polls On Zoom Meeting

Zoom meeting polls are next in line of the discrete features offered by Zoom app. As Zoom is continually becoming a significant part of our virtual workspace while we work from home, it’s also getting upgrades to fit right into workspace definition. Team meetings on Zoom not only involve discussions over projects or sharing work progress, but also to decide the next steps or strategies to fulfil the assigned tasks.

For a prolific output over such combined decisions, everyone involved or concerned with the decision-making in a particular project must be able to cast his/her vote. And, Zoom has an effortless and comprehensive feature to do that. Once the discussion is over, the final call always falls upon a vote of agreement or disagreement, and everyone has their reasons for choice. Since a lengthy call to count all votes is not such a time-saving option, you can create a poll on Zoom meetings to do that.

Zoom polling feature allows you to create multiple-choice polls or sentence-answer polls directly on calls and then eventually see live results and responses of the meeting members. Let’s learn how to create polls on Zoom meetings and what are the minimum requirements to access polling features on Zoom.

What are the Requirements to Create Polls on Zoom?

Here are some pointers to keep in mind in case you wish to have some Zoom meeting polls during office video conferencing calls:

  • The host of the meeting can only create zoom meeting polls.
  • Zoom meeting polls can only be created if you (the host) have a licensed account. Hence free Zoom account holders cannot use the Zoom polling feature.
  • You (the host) must use a Personal Meeting ID (PMI) on Zoom meetings to create polls.

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How to Enable Polls on Zoom Meeting?

Step 1: First, you must enable the polling feature on Zoom. For that, open Zoom on your web browser.

Step 2: Head to Account Settings. You’ll find this option under Account Management in the Admin panel through your Zoom profile.

creat poll on zoom Step 3: Scroll down to find the Polling option. Here turn on the Toggle button to enable Polling in Zoom meetings.

choose polling option

How to Create Polls in a Zoom Meeting?

These steps are to be followed once the above ones are completed:

Step 1: In the web portal of your Zoom account, head to Meetings.

Step 3: There, either click on Schedule A New Meeting to create a new meeting or select a pre-scheduled meeting.

schedule a new zoom meeting

Step 4: Once selected, or scheduled, scroll down and find the option, You have not created a poll.

Step 5: At the side of this option, you’ll see an Add button. Click on it to create a poll.

add member in poll

Step 6: A new window, titled Add a Poll, will appear. Assign a name to the poll.

Step 7: Select the Anonymous option if you don’t wish to reveal the names of the meeting members when they cast their vote and make a choice. This way, anyone who answers will be labelled simply as “Guest”.

add a poll in zoom meeting

Step 8: Now Type your Question. The question can be written in up to 255 characters.

Step 9: Choose whether you want the question to be Single/Multiple Choice. If it’s a multiple-choice question, you can have up to 10 Answers for each question.

choose a option

Step 10: In case you wish to add a second question, then select Add Question, else click on Save and proceed.

add question on zoom poll

Step 11: Now the poll has been created.

TAKE NOTE. The only way you can create a poll for Zoom meeting is through the web portal. Once created, you can access these polls during the meeting through the mobile/computer app as well. But, the polling on Zoom can only be enabled through the Zoom web portal.

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How to Start Zoom Polling Feature During the Meeting?

These steps are to be followed after the previous ones have been completed:

Step 1: Now, when you start the Zoom meeting, you’ll see an option of Polls in the taskbar on Zoom call.

Step 2: Click on the Polls button, review the Poll and then click on Launch Polling.

lauch poll on zoom

Step 3: When the Poll starts, you’ll be able to view Live Results of the poll, right on the screen.

Step 4: Once everyone has voted, you can End Poll.

polling progress on zoom

Step 5: The results will be displayed on-screen. Then, you can Share Results with the rest of the members of the meeting. Only you (the host) can share the results.

save result of poll

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How to View Previous Polling Results for Zoom Meeting?

Follow these steps if you ever need to view old results of polling on Zoom meetings:

Step 1: Head to Zoom web portal.

Step 2: Head to Meetings>>Previous Meetings.

Step 3: Now select Poll Report.

This way, the results of past polling on Zoom meetings can be viewed.

Zoom is currently being used by millions of people across the world for professional meetings and has become one of the most integral aspects of your work life and in-house workspace. With these added features, Zoom is trying to make team meetings more flexible and time-saving to reach more and more users in the future. It is recommended that you use Zoom as a licensed user and create any poll through your Meeting ID for security purposes on Zoom meetings against the data breach concerns associated with Zoom.

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