How To Control iPhone from PC Without Much Hassle?

We are certain that we can control our PC or Mac via our mobile phone, but do you know that it is possible to control iPhone from PC? Well, for Apple users who are always battling with compatibility issues, this is surely a reason to celebrate! With changing scenario, Apple has decided not to stay behind and give its users liberty of controlling their iPhone from PC as well. However, not everyone is aware of ways and thus we have come to your rescue! Read further to know how you can control your iPhone from PC.

Control Iphone from Computer

Veency – Control iPhone from PC

The most popular way of controlling your iPhone from PC is via this tweak! This tweak was released by Cydia and requires Jailbreak. Your system can be Mac, windows or even Linux. As the name suggests, this is a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server that is popular among users as it can share your display and allows taking control of the third-party devices. You can read about the entire procedure from here.



With this, you cannot entirely control your iPhone, however, with this you can use media control from your computer. It is more like a screen mirroring software which casts your screen on multiple devices and helps in controlling iPhone as a media store. This one is compatible with a variety of AirPlay enabled third-party applications that too without any degradation in quality. You can get it from here and have a wonderful experience.


ISL Light

ISL is known to provide remote desktop solutions from a very long time and is one of the pioneers in this field. ISL light is an app that will help you in sharing screen of your iPhone or iPad remotely. Users can use this for troubleshooting bugs. It does not matter if you own a Mac, Windows or Linux system, it will serve you equally well! The best part about this is that you can not only control your iPhone from your PC using this, but vice-versa is also possible! You can download it from here and enjoy seamless experience!

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VMware AirWatch

This fully functional product was introduced as digital workspace platform, but it is being used by commoners for several other things. One of the many things that can be done with VMware AirWatch is that you can control your iPhone from your PC. The best part is as it was designed for IT professionals’ official purpose, it is pretty secure and gives you the power to configure, manage and support every device connected. You can enroll up to 100 devices in this without sacrificing security. You can get it from here.



If you are someone who seeks something popular and less complex, you can always opt for TeamViewer. It helps you connect with the widest range of gadgets that too easily. If you wish to control your iPhone from PC, then this might be the best available option. Also, the interface is quite impressive, and you can ask for help in case you encounter any difficulty. You can get the same from here.



If you are someone who owns Windows PC, then iCloud is the best available option for you! It is one of the best available application for this and thus can be used to access the media files and use to control your iPhone from PC. This one is particularly handy for the novice users. However, you’ll need to disclose your Apple ID for using this one! Download it from here and operate your iPhone from PC without interruption.


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This is not an exhaustive list of tools with which you can control your iPhone from PC, but the best options have been listed for you. Do you think we have left anything which was worthy of included in this list? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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