How To Choose The Perfect Data Backup Plan

Do you always have a Plan B handy in case Plan A fails? If you have common sense, you would have one. Especially if it concerns preserving digital data.

Backing up digital data is necessary as you never know when your laptop crashes, gets stolen or gets hacked. So, it is better to have a backup of your important data. However, choosing what’s best for you can be a little tricky. Offline backup of data is a good option if you don’t mind buying a new external hard drive every time the older one gets full. In all scenarios, Online data backup is the best solution available.


From Google Drive to Right Backup, COMODO Backup to EaseUS Todo Backup, there are several backup plans available in the market. But choosing the correct data plan can be a tedious task as everybody has different needs.

Here in this article, we will discuss what to check and how to choose the best backup plan apposite to your needs.

How to choose a Data Backup plan?

Losing important data is like losing a life when playing Mario Stage – 8, so close to the queen, painful, right!  So, getting a correct backup plan according to your needs is very crucial.

Let’s find out what backup plan suits you:

  • Free Backup
  • Mid-Level Backup
  • High-End Backup
  • Free Backup –

Want a backup plan without spending money??

Yes, there are backup plans available for free but the things that are for free have limitations as well. You can sync the data with any of online sync service which provides a good amount of space. A few of them are Google Drive, One Drive by Microsoft, Dropbox, I Drive etc.

Google Drive provides up to 15 GB free space, while Dropbox offers 2 GB free space. One Drive and I Drive gives 5GB of free space.

Best thing is, you don’t need to choose one of them, you can use anyone or all.

However, creating accounts for each one of them and maintaining data separately can be mind-numbing. So, either categorize the data in all the backup services like using Google Drive for photos, I Drive for office documents and One Drive for personal files.

All the applications are easy to use and quickly backs up the data but it would be quite a task, when, it comes to restoring data from all the services.

  • Mid-Level Backup

If you are a bit concerned about the security of the data stored online. You can go for the Data Backup plan which provides you with some security but it would cost a few bucks. A decent Mid-level backup plan will provide you enough storage space and you will be able to restore the backup data easily as it is all in one place.

The average annual amount paid for this kind of backup plans would be somewhere around $100.00 which is not a big amount when it comes to your precious data.

However, it is the best choice, when it comes to the data backup plan for your files which you can’t afford to lose at any cost. Keeping your trust, backing up data at one place is not always a good option as you will still have an underlying fear of losing the data if the online sync service fails you.

  • High-Level Backup

Another method is to keep multiple copies of the important data. Keep a copy on your hard drive, the other one stored on the cloud and the third one stored on your device.

One should have an access to the data offline as well as you never know when the internet would stop working. Many Online backup tools also provide us with the facility to save data both online and offline. Before choosing a backup plan that suits you, you need to check if the data stored would get encrypted first and only you could decrypt it. Moreover, if it uses the AES and SSL encryption then that’s the best you can get.

We have talked about different needs for a backup plan and if you don’t want to back up data at different places, there is one of the best software available in the market that solves all the purposes – Right Backup.


Right backup is one stop solution for the people who need online storage space with Data Security. Here are some of the features, you would like to know –

  • Auto Backup

It backs up the data automatically in every 12 hours and you can even manage and set the time at which you want a backup to get created.

  • Tight Security & Unlimited Storage

With unlimited storage space, Right Backup provides you with SSL encryption to transfer the data safely to the cloud. Your data will be secured and will be shared with people you choose.

  • No need to Back up on different devices

No need to make multiple copies of your important data. Right Backup is all you need. Store and restore the data anytime you want.

  • Restore Files

Right Backup provides you with two options to Restore, Smart Restore and Customize Restore.

Smart Restore – Select the files that you need to restore first.

Customize Restore – Restore the files you want manually.

  • Easy file Sharing

File sharing has never been so easy. Share your photos, music, important documents and more with Right Backup, with the people you choose.

It is available for $99.97 for a year and $14.95 for a month. Feel free to experience one of the best online storage services and enjoy the luxury to store your data safely.

Now, that you know all about the backup plans and features, what do you choose, making an account on different online storage providers and categorizing the data or buying one backup plan which suffices all the needs.

Note- This application has been discontinued

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