How To Break Into A Windows PC

Sometimes, you happen to forget the login password of your Windows PC that makes it impossible to unlock your computer. This is the time when you search for multiple computer password hackeing tips, to regain access. Although, it is always good to set a hint question that can remind you of your password, but most people take it lightly. If you’re locked out of your system and have forgotten the key to get in, you can still access your PC without harming your computer or files. It is important to know that you must wait before formatting it as it leads to data loss.

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Today, we are going to suggest the best ways to break into a Windows PC. Please note, that the steps recommended here are for educational purpose and we do not support any unethical use of the tips suggested.

How to unlock your Windows PC :

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If you do not need the access to your operating system and just wish to access specific files, you don’t need to bear the pain of unlocking the entire system. You can simply get a Linux live CD and proceed to transfer your desired files in a USB powered hard drive by drag & drop, just like you perform on your regular Windows OS. Although, you might need the root access if the desired files have some permission issues. If you are not able to get through a file or having trouble copying and viewing, you can launch the terminal window by through Applications > Accessories > Terminal. There, you need to type ‘sudo nautilus’ and when prompted, leave the password blank. It would help you have the access.

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However, if you need the access to your operating system along with files, Trinity Rescue CD is a suitable option to break into your own PC, which is Linux based. Here you would not need any computer password hacker or windows unlocker that sometimes leads to a loss of data. The only discomfort you may face here is that you’d have to work with the command line. But, it should not be a problem when you’re instructed how and what to do.

To get started, an ISO file needs to be downloaded from Trinity Rescue official website and you need to burn it to a disc. Change the boot option to boot from the disk and you need to wait until everything is loaded. Once done, choose ‘Windows Password Resetting’ option from the main menu and proceed to “Interactive Winpass”. Now, you just need to select the partition on which you want all these changes to be made. Then, select the ‘Enter User Data and Password’. Now, type the user name where you wish to edit and select the option no. 1 that reads ‘Clear (Blank) User Password’. Next, type the ‘!’ (exclamation point) to leave this menu and hit the ‘Q’ on your keyboard to quit Winpass screen. Once done, reboot your machine and you would find that you’re able to get in.

Overall, there are myriads of Windows unlocker tools available online, which are likely to come up when you search for a computer password hacker. Make sure to employ the suggestions only if you are unable to get the password on your own. Also, do not use the above tips for any unethical purpose as it may lead to a legal action against you. If you know some cool tips for Windows, do let us know in the comments below.

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