How to Backup and Restore Data from Mac?

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Do Mac need backup? The short answer is- yes!

Mac are known for its tight-knit security. They are considered to be the most powerful computers of the time. Perhaps, because they are Mac, designed with brilliant security measures and it is difficult to challenge it.

But down the line, they too are computers only. Mac too get loaded with data and recently their security was breached by Ransomware. Early this year, KeyRanger Ransomware managed to break through the Mac security and demanded ransom from innocent users. This was one instance, when those private users would have wished if their data was already backed up.

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Likewise, you must have noticed pop-ups on your Mac like ‘Your Startup Disk is Almost Full’. These appear when the disk on your Mac having operating system is fully loaded with data. You need to unload the disk to stop all such annoying pop-ups from appearing.

Again you need to back up your data, so that your Startup Disk doesn’t show any such message and you have your data secured with you.

Backup you Data from Mac

There are ample alternatives for you to create a backup file for your data. But, securest amongst all is storing all important files on cloud. Cloud is an online storage platform for users, where they can save any type of file, including PDF, music, contacts, videos, messages etc.

Right Backup app helps you save all your data on the cloud safely.

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Save Data on Cloud with Right Backup

Although there are many apps available for cloud storage but nothing comes closer to Right Backup. Right Backup is an app which helps users save their data on cloud with the assurance of 100% safety. It offers ample storage to you to save data online.

  • Automatic Backup: Right Backup is programmed with automatic schedule backup feature. This feature backup all data on a device automatically at the scheduled hour. You simply need to set the scheduling time on the app and let the app do rest of the work for you.
  • Secure Storage: When you upload any data with this app, it encrypts the data with 256 AES encryption. This helps you secure your data from any kind of threat, say, data theft or leaking any personal and sensitive information.
  • Easy File Sharing: The app is designed with easy file sharing options. So if you are an entrepreneur or a manager, just have to connect with other devices and share all important files at once.
  • Quick Restoration: Uploading file is easy with Right Backup. Restoring those files back is even more easy. Simply search for the file you are looking for and restore it back in a jiffy.
  • Easy Access: The app is extremely handy and canny! You can use the app from anywhere, at any time. Whether you are at or with family or friends, easily access this easy-to-use app from any of your devices.

Backup and Restore Data in 3 Easy Steps

Benefits of Right Backup:

Right Backup is a nifty app, so are its benefits. Find them here:

  • It is an easy-to-use and simple app. Anyone can get hand over the app.
  • You can use it from anywhere, at any time.
  • It ensures tight-knit security of all your data.
  • The app is compatible with Mac OSX 10.7+

Right Backup safely and securely store all type data on the cloud and ensures its security thereafter. The app is also available for iOS, Android and Windows users.

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