How to Avoid Spam Calls on Your Smartphone


Imagine yourself sleeping on a relaxed Sunday afternoon and you see an unknown caller ID ringing on your phone. And as soon as you answer the call, there’s some creepy computerized voice torturing at the end begging you to hear some loan offer or bragging about discount coupons. There’s nothing more annoying than receiving spam calls on your phone, and especially if you’re occupied with something important.

It really makes us wonder; how do these marketers even get our contact details? And once our number is exposed, we’re constantly bugged by spam day and night. Seeing unknown numbers popping on our phone screen is getting too much on our nerves, isn’t it?

How to avoid spam calls
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Wondering how to avoid spam calls on your smartphone? Well, you’ve landed at the right spot. In this post we will be learning all about spam calls, where they come from, why is answering spam calls a threat and how to stop these scam calls to minimize daily nuisance in our lives.

Let’s get started.

Where Do Spam Calls Majorly Come From?

Spam calls are nothing, but basically a typical sort of message that is intended to be passed to a massive number of audiences. It’s an effort which marketers make to promote their products and services, or sometimes to pass a useful piece of information to consumers.

We can broadly categorize spam calls into three different types:

Spam Calls
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Voice Calls: A giant proportion of spam calls we receive on our phones is from telemarketers. A person is handed over a list of contacts and then he/she has to complete a set target where they can speak to a maximum number of users in a day.

Robotic/Computerized Calls: The second category of spam calls are those annoying pre-recorded computerized calls which include a message.

Spammers: Last but not the least, this is the most dangerous category of spam calls which are a tough nut to crack. These calls majorly come from a familiar looking caller ID which we usually answer and then the spammer slowly tries to indulge us in a conversation, tries to trick us, request for our personal details, credit card number, bank details and so on.

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How to Avoid Spam Call on your Phone?

Receiving spam calls on your phone can also prove out to be a threat to your privacy. There are both legal as well as illegal ways how marketers get hold on your personal information. We obviously can’t stop them from doing so, but we sure can be cautious in order to safeguard our privacy.

Here are a few tips that can help you stop spam calls from landing on your smartphone:

stop spam calls
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Third Party applications: Well, this is the least you can do. Download any third-party application from Play Store that will automatically avoid any type of spam calls landing on your device. The app algorithms are well-intended in a way such that no spammer can ever reach to you.

Avoid Uploading Phone number on Social Media: Don’t add your contact details on any of your social media accounts. This is the first and most obvious place how fraudsters can hit you.

Avoid Answering Questions: If any spammer/fraudster is asking too many questions, then make sure you hang up immediately. This is one of the most classic tricks used by spammers where they try to trick you by asking a bunch of personal questions.

Start Blocking Spam Calls: As soon as you get a spam call on your device, block it right away. Once you’ve blocked a particular spam call, there will be fewer chances in the future of marketers trying to contact you.

Use Do Not Call List: If your phone is constantly flooded with a spam calls, then you try registering your contact number on Do Not Call List. This is a government initiative or US citizens where you can report spam calls, register your number with them so that you won’t receive any spam calls on your device.

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Do Not Call List
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There were a few tips on how to avoid spam calls and how you can permanently put an end to this nuisance. By adopting these above-mentioned safety measures, you can ensure that your digital privacy is not exposed to spammers/fraudsters and have a pleasant experience on your smartphone.

Goodbye spam calls hope we never hear from you again!

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