How To Add/Delete Contacts On Gmail

Gmail is no more just an email service as it has now evolved into something much greater than what everyone expected. With Gmail, you don’t have to worry about your contacts being lost upon changing phone. All your contacts can easily be backed up in a swift from Gmail. However, saving contacts on your Gmail account may result in duplicates, which is somewhere a little irritating.

While keeping your address book updated on your Gmail account is both beneficial and nagging, you can always get it better by adding or deleting contacts. Today, we’re going to help you on how to add/delete contacts on Gmail.

Add Delete Contacts On Gmail

How to add a contact on Gmail?

When you wish to add a contact to your Gmail account, you may follow the below steps:

1. Login to your Gmail account with credentials.

2. Now, click on your profile in the top right corner and click on Google Account.

Google Account

3. It opens up your Google account’s back office. From there, you need to click on ‘People & Sharing’ from the left side pane.

People & Sharing

4. Now, you would see your Contacts page opened that would tell you the number of total contacts saved to your profile. Click on the ‘Contacts’ option to add a new contact to Gmail.

Contacts5. There, click on the ‘Create Contact’ button from the left side pane.

Create Contact6. Enter the contact information with relevant details and click on Save.

contact information

7. We’ve created a contact named ‘Test’ with a random number to help demonstrate the adding process. As soon as you hit the ‘Save’ button, you would be shown a message confirming that the contact has been saved to your Gmail account and it is done.

contact details

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How to delete a contact on Gmail?

While adding a contact to your Gmail account is easy, deleting contacts from Gmail is easier. If you face duplicate contacts on your device, it is good to delete the duplicate from your address book. You may follow the below steps to delete a contact on Gmail:

1. Login to your Gmail account with your credentials.

2. Click on the profile picture in the top right and click on ‘Google Account”.

Google Account

3. From there, click on ‘People & Sharing’ from the left side pane to get more options.

People & Sharing

4. Once shown, click on the Contacts option to get all the contacts listed on the screen.

Contacts5. Now, select the contact that you wish to delete by clicking on it. Here, we’re taking the contact named ‘Test’ to demonstrate the deleting process.

6. Upon clicking, it opens the details of the contact.

contact details

7. From there, click on the ‘three vertical dots’ to see more options and choose ‘Delete’.

Delete contacts

8. On the next screen, it would ask you to confirm the action. You may then click on Delete to remove the contact from your contacts list.

remove the contact

9. As soon as you hit the Delete, the contact would be removed from the contacts list.

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Now that you know how to add/delete contacts on Gmail, it is time to get rid of unwanted contacts and make the contact list more meaningful. There’s no ambiguity that loads of contacts on your Gmail would result in duplicates, if you haven’t merged them on your device. Also, you may find the same contact that you have deleted from your phone, if you don’t delete that contact from the Gmail account. In case, you’re facing duplicate contacts problem on your phone, you may get it fixed for free by using Duplicate Contacts Fixer and Remover app. If you wish to share some tips and tricks related to contacts on Gmail, do let us know in the comments below.



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