How Much Google Knows About You?

When we put our trust in Google and use its services such as Gmail, Drive, YouTube, Maps for free, we do not realise that we are losing something more important, our personal data! Well, we should have concluded that earlier as we were using some of the finest services without even paying a dime. One should know that Google is not the only search engine available and definitely not the most secure one. To make sure transparency prevails between the service providers and consumers, Google lets you see what all it knows about you. Too bad for those who wanted to stay undercover! In case you are wondering up to what extent this search engine knows, read further!

Let’s get started!

1. Your location

No matter if you own a smartphone, an Android, or an iPhone, if the location is left enabled on your mobile device, Google can keep an eye on you while you are roaming carelessly. However, it uses the data collected to show relevant information, help you find directions, points of attractions, and many others.

2. Devices You Own

Yes, you read that right. Google has all the information about your mobile device. Be it IMEI, the model you own and the operator that provides you services. To check for yourself, visit,, and you can see the data without much hassle.

3. Your Voice Searches

You must have used the Virtual personal assistant by Google! It helps you several tasks such as opening apps, Google search, set reminders, send message just by giving verbal commands and much more. Sound cool, isn’t it? But Google saves each one of these as well.

4. Your Interests

Have you ever wondered why the T-shirt you like appears in the advertisements each time? It’s because you opened a link, and now Google has an idea about your likes and dislikes. Getting hold of these makes it advertise the relevant things to you and persuades you to buy them.

5. Financial Information

You might have saved your card details to make transactions faster, but you never want anyone to know about it, do you? Although Google never intents to leak your card details, it is well-versed with your card details and other payment methods as well.

6. Pictures You Have

All of us have enabled the auto backup on our devices to make sure we do not lose our precious memories. But by doing so, we are in a way allowing Google to access our pictures, videos, screenshots, and everything that we have in your gallery. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

7. Your IP Addresses

No matter how many devices you use, Google knows about the IP addresses involved. Unless you are indulged in some illegal activities, you do not have anything to fear, but you ought to know that with an IP address, tracing your location is not a hard nut to crack.

However, you can get rid of all these data by taking some baby steps. Wondering how to do that? Take a read through the points given below and know about the same!

8. Delete Your Searches

Click the menu (the three vertical dots), and then hit the clear history from the beginning of the time which will appear after you have clicked “History.” Moreover, if you want to stop the tracking forever, then just go to activity control page and toggle that off.

9. Voice Search

Unless you have not searched something very embarrassing, we suggest you listen to your searches. But be warned, these can be funny or cringeworthy! To get rid of these recordings, you can select one or more files and delete. This way, your files will be gone for good!

10. Advertisements

You’ll be amazed to know that Google’s ad network operates on approximately two million websites across the world. So, no matter which website you visit or which product catches your attention, Google is never far behind to advertise the same. The best way to control this is heading straight towards the ad setting, and of course you need to be signed in. By doing so, you can go through a profile that Google has built based on your searching activities. The data for doing so is collected by your various accounts. Also, from here, you can turn the ad personalisation off so that your favourite products stop following you!

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We hope that now you are aware of how much Google knows about you and what you can do to limit the same. In case you think we have missed something, do not forget to mention it in the comments section.

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