How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Social Media Marketing

Disoriented social data, innumerable media influencers and ever-increasing service requests are forcing marketers to explore a method that would help them maximize benefits of social media. Currently, corporations are capitalizing social media advantages via effective marketing and increased responsiveness but a new technology called Artificial Intelligence is ready to transform the way social media marketing is done.

Talking about social space, presently this arena is noisy and ambiguous and therefore, it is difficult to differentiate social media based companies. However, Artificial Intelligence can resolve this problem step by step. Being a vast subject, social media marketing tends to offer myriad of opportunities along with the larger possibilities of upgradation. Here are possible areas of social media marketing, where AI can make huge impact.

1. Content Development:

content development in AI

Currently, content is being treated as king because none of the social media campaigns can run without an efficient and powerful content. Whether you want to turn your business into a brand by targeting your clients online or want to engage your customers to buy your product, every process of manipulation requires content. And due to its huge demand, developers are making innovative AI-based applications for content creation. There are several social content platforms available online that are based on Artificial Intelligence. They can automatically detect and show user-generated social media content across brand’s website.

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2. Consumers Intellect:

From consumers point of view, searching anything on this ambiguous and noisy social space and achieving the desired result, completely depends on the intelligence of the consumer. By using the right keywords and with the help of some technical expertise, users can find anything they want. However, not everyone is tech-savvy and chances of getting irritated are high because it is like pulling out needles from the haystack. To solve this problem, there are platforms available that use Machine Learning to gather insights from social and voice-of-customer data.

3. Client Service:

The idea that machine will replace human and possibly surpass human cognitive ability is still at experimentation phase. But experts are claiming that someday humans will become slaves of machines (Forgetting the fact that we already are!). The sole purpose of creating AI machines is to provide efficient client servicing giving maximum satisfaction to customers. With Artificial Intelligence, a platform can be created for customers, where they can get help easily via social or mobile channels.

4. Influencer Marketing:

Influncer marketing in AI

This kind of marketing is the process of connecting brands with bloggers and influencers rather than target audience. Due to huge fan following of bloggers and influencers, they have the power to affect purchasing decisions of others. However, searching the right influencers that fit into the brand’s DNA in terms of personality, characteristics and goals is a challenging task and it is different from celebrity endorsement. With the help of AI, a platform can be created that can search through millions of influencers across the social media platform and find the accurate match.

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5. Content Optimization:

Having an intelligent robot that can go through the data and eventually decide the best story that deserves promotion or greater focus is the need of the hour. As discussed earlier, the Internet is overloaded with content but every story cannot make the same impact. Currently, what we need is an Artificial Intelligence based platform that can pick up a story from heaps of odd stories offering maximum impact on the customer.

6. Competitive Intelligence:

There are two specific things that are mostly done within AI for articulation. First, to reduce the time spent on searching things with accuracy and second mining social data for brand insights. Competitive intelligence is the process of gathering and examining data about competitors and the marketplace to develop a business strategy. Its goal is to study everything about the competitive environment to come out the best possible decisions. Hence, we need a platform that can assist our decision-making process after analyzing every information available in the market.

Artificial Intelligence technology is still at development stage and social media marketers need time to shift from Program Management to Machine Learning. But this technology seems to offer value to marketing mix and increase competitiveness.


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    It is great experience to read this article. Artificial Intelligence has brought many significant changes to the world of social media marketing. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

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