How AI Can Take Process Automation to the Next Level?

Technology progress causes development. Development brings Evolution. Whether it is printing press or compass, a wheel or a steam engine, they all brought revolution in production, communication and other things as well, which leads to market and economic growth.

Internet is also such revolution that was introduced a while ago and became a game changer. Does the thought cross your mind what’s next?

Will it be the Artificial Intelligence which will be mile marker? Is AI the one which has potential to process automation to the next level?

Let’s get all the answer to your questions!

Since the introduction of Artificial Intelligence to the commercial sector, it is getting global and embracing. So now not only big firms or government funded agencies have it but also the small firms are assimilating AI based solutions into workflows, to prepare themselves for the competition in market. Therefore, it seems that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and help take process automation to new zenith.

Inspired much? If you are prepping to get robotic process automation into your workflow, then you must take a look!

Email Marketing Automation

AI has potential to optimize various important features of email marketing for small businesses. One of the important benefit of robotic process automation is Content Creation. Conventionally, team members of marketing test various combinations of subject lines, images or ad copies to determine which works the best. This process is time consuming and not error proof. However, with AI technology at hand, you get to know which combination of content will work the best, hence reducing the time to strategize. AI can also figure the right time of sending emails to subscribers on the basis of their past engagement with your business. This is also considered a best offer to convert leads into customers.

Fraud detection

Small scale business should lookout for fraudulent transactions as it would take a lot of resources and money to take legal action against frauds. However, AI can employ machine learning algorithms to check the possibility of a certain transaction is fraudulent or not.

The system can also use rule-based logic to stop transactions which can be probably fraud. If you provide appropriate data, system is capable of detecting pattern related to frauds and make changes to algorithms accordingly without human interference.

Document processing

Paperwork is still there. No matter how good your computers are or what advanced technology you use, there is definitely paperwork. However, with AI powered tools could help in speeding up the process of automated document processing. Software such as Abacus Intelligence comes with the ability to arrange scanned documents in segregate files. AI can classify document on the basis on of the content. This can be done via advanced OCR algorithms, which can used by AIs to perform with great speed and efficiency.

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Lead generation

With the advancement of digital marketing, accumulating lead data is easier. Sales and marketing teams of small scale business possess a lot of tools to get a list of probable customers and clients. Although, working with the data is not easy as collecting it, that’s why AI is needed.

AI uses predictive analysis to calculate which leads could convert into client or customer. AI can forecast future trends, calculate potential expenditure, find products, services which could convert leads into customers, all by checking social media data, marketing and financial data.

Customer service chatbots

Customer service is the most important aspect of satisfying customers and clients as small-scale businesses have limited staff, it can’t succeed in this. The issue can be resolved by replacing support staff to chatbots. These AI can operate support process, reply to customer common queries, provide on spot solutions to customers and more.

These AI chatbots are simple and easy to setup, work 24*7, and are also not high maintenance. These chatbots could prove to be useful in making the customer service better.

So, if we talk about Artificial Intelligence, it has the potential to be the most powerful tools for automating, streamlining workflows for modern businesses. Given the scope, it is advised to adapt AI technology soon, as it will make the companies give an edge to its competitors.

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