Horrifying Video Game Weapons We Don’t Want In Real Life

There’s a lot more than just engaging storyline, interesting characters, fluid gameplay and superb graphics that make a game iconic. But more often than not, all a game needs is an unimaginable weapon or gadget that totally blows gamers’ minds with its sheer awesomeness. Several times, these weapons tend to be so overpowered and devastating that they certainly cannot be allowed to exist for real. While weapons and gadgets are a pretty common sight across thousands of games, there are some extremely iconic yet brutal ones that become a staple for the series.

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Be it the Master Sword from Zelda or BFG from Doom or Simon Belmont’s iconic whip from Castlevania games. These items are as well known throughout gamers, as lightsabers to Star War fans. So if you like video games, check out our list of highly overpowered and merciless weapons from famous game franchises.

1. Cerebral Bore – Turok

Cerebral bore

Some weapons are feared for being too devastating as they can level cities in an instant. Some weapons on other hand, are simply feared for far sinister reasons. Cerebral Bore from the Turok series definitely qualifies as a weapon that would make victims cringe with fear. While the gun’s peculiar shape might put some people off, its projectile is the real reason for its notoriety. True to its name, the gun fires a small projectile that automatically homes into its target’s brain waves, drills into the skull and if that wasn’t enough, it explodes. Talk about overkill and this weapon will make its creators proud.

2. Mark 2 Lancer – Gears of War

Mark 2 Lancer

Guns and blades have made a significant place in warfare and bayonets are basically swords that can be fitted on guns if things ever get up close with the enemy. But the idea of attaching a blade or knife for close-quarters combat might sound pretty dated for sci-fi fans today. The Mark 2 Lancer from Gears of War is the very example of this and is certainly one of the most devastating. If you ever felt that simply shooting your enemies wasn’t enough, this weapon lets you go full leatherface on them.

3. Hidden Blade – Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Hidden Blade

The best weapon is the kind that the enemy cannot see and Hidden Blade from Assassin’s Creed holds true to this saying. Some might argue that a simple retractable blade on the wielder’s wrist doesn’t look that dangerous. But in the hands (or wrists) of an accomplished assassin this turns into a one hit kill weapon that can bring down empires. To make things even worse for the victims, these blades can be customized by assassins to deliver poison and other attachments such as hook blade or small caliber pistol makes it’s wielder a force to be reckoned with.

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4. Soul Edge – Soul Series

Soul Edge

While a lot of people believe that it’s the wielder and not the blade that should be feared. But they surely never saw Soul Edge, the cursed living sword from Soul Series of fighting games. Although it didn’t originally start as a cursed weapon, but turned into one with the course of time as it was used to kill countless people. Soaked in blood and guts it was then embodied by a malevolent soul named Inferno that resulted in giving the blade a demonic appearance with an eye near the hilt. Soul Edge can effectively posses its wielder and even change their appearance in it’s own demonic image. While this sounds like a great thing initially for the wielder, they are usually driven insane ending with an unspeakably violent death.

5. Alastor – Devil May Cry


This weapon is the very reason why most of us became Devil May Cry fans. Although this only appears in the original game, Alastor became instantly notorious for stabbing Dante through his abdomen. Thankfully, getting stabbed is part of Dante’s everyday life, so he shakes it off and takes the sword as his own. When using Alastor, Dante’s attacks are augmented with lightning based attacks. And if things get a little out of hand for the half-demon, Alastor grants Dante the ability to transform into a lighting demon that can fly and rain down electricity. How godly is that?!

6. Blade of Olympus – God of War

Blade of Olympus

Speaking of Godly weapons, we certainly cannot ignore God of War series. While Kratos’ iconic chain blades do most of the slaying in-game, the Blade of Olympus is far more devastating. It was created by Zeus to singlehandedly defeat all the Titans and dethroned them from deification. This blade was then used by Zeus to trick Kratos into putting all his divine power in it to defeat the Colossus of Rhodes. Being forged from the Heavens and Earth, this blade can effectively kill Gods and Titans, and can damage them despite their divine intangibility (Zeus’ lighting form) or indestructible skin (Cronos).

7. Land Shark Gun – Armed and Dangerous

Land Shark Gun

Probably invented by a deranged Jaws fan who was upset that people on the beach were safe i. Land Shark Gun brings together three totally unrelated words and turns them into something right out of your worst nightmares. Originally making its debut in Armed and Dangerous, this gun shoots out a Shark that can swim through land to attack enemies. Nothing is safe folks, nothing is….!

The above list is certainly a handful of the several equally devastating weapons that would be too dangerous to exist. Nevertheless, we tried to do our best when making this list. If you think we’ve missed an important item on this list, please feel free to mention them in comments.

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