Highlight Your Memories With Focus & Blur

Memories! Our most treasured gift! They can make us laugh, smile, cry and evoke so many emotions! Lucky are we, that we have photographs, the key to our treasure! Even if the memories fade, one glance at the photographs and all the memories gush in. Which is why it’s so important that each and every photograph we click captures the essence of the moment perfectly.

Quite often we do click photos yet the impact created is not as we want it! It can be disheartening that the moment passed and we couldn’t capture the essence of it. Well! That is now a worry of the past because we now have some amazing apps to edit our photos on Mac Store. One of the best applications, Focus & Blur works just perfectly to highlight what’s important in your photos.

Let’s know more about this exquisite app for your Mac.

With Focus and Blur app, you can shift the focus to the important part of your photos leaving the background blurred. The app has a simple interface and lot of tools to quickly beautify your images. You can start by dragging the image in the app and make the desired changes with the tools present at the right-hand side of the app. The powerful tools for adjusting the focus and beautifying the image makes the work plain sailing.

Let’s take a look at the tools and what they do to give you a better idea on how things work:

Edge Adjustment:


With this tool, you can outline a specific area of the image with Paint option and click on Auto Focus to highlight the area that you have selected and leave the rest of the image blurred. With Erase option, you can deselect the highlighted area. There are different settings available to make desired changes to the photo such as bokeh which includes amount, edge blur, vignette, contrast, saturation, warmth, and more. It also has settings for highlighted parts such as brightness, sharpness, clarity, vividness and more.

Overlay Adjustment:

Overlay 2-min
Overlay 1-min

Overlay Adjustment has a lot of pre-loaded filters to make your photos look amazing. Once you select the desired filter, you can change the color, rotate, resize the filters. Moreover, you get a handful of other settings like Edge Adjustment.

Circular Adjustment:


With circular adjustment tool, you can add in-depth focus to the specific area. You can use the circular crosshair to drag and adjust the focus on an annular portion and blur out the surrounding for a stunning effect.

Horizontal Adjustment:


If you want to add effects to your landscape images, then Horizontal adjustment tool works for you. Use the horizontal scale to focus on the area that you want to highlight and blur the rest.

Vertical Adjustment:

vertical adjustments

Similarly, if your image is in portrait mode, then you can use Vertical Adjustment tool. You can also add bokeh effects and other effects to the highlighted area of the image.

Custom Adjustment:


With Custom Adjustment, you can highlight the area you want and add filters to it. Moreover, you can blur the areas that you don’t think are important.



With crop tool, you can crop the image portion that you think is not important. You can change the orientation of the image as well. Moreover, you get the option to change height and width of the image manually.



You also get an option to rotate and flip the image to different angles.

How To Use The App?

Using Focus & Blur is very easy. All you need to do is drag and drop an image to the app. Select the image and focus on the area in the image that you want should stand out. After that, apply the effects and change the settings according to your preference. Once you have edited the photo and are satisfied with the work done, save it by clicking on the second button on the top of the app.


You can also share the edited image with your friends and family with the Share option available at the top of the app.


So, in this way, Focus & Blur makes your memorable photos look beautiful in no time. Also, it helps you to blur the part of the image which is not that important. The app is worth a shot. Next time you want to make your photos look stunning and professionally shot, try Focus & Blur! If you have any trouble using the app, please mention in the comments below and we will be happy to assist you.

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