Helpful Safari Settings You Must Know About

To surf and explore the internet, one needs to have a good web browser and to put it to best use, you must know all about it. For Apple devices, Safari is the default browser, which can give efficient results if you use it correctly. In this article, we are focusing on certain aspects of the Safari settings which often are neglected. But, the changes in the Safari preferences will help with overall browsing. The privacy settings on the Safari will help you stay guarded against the online attacks.

How Do I Change My Safari Settings?

Preferences in Safari can be changed on your device from the Settings app. To change the settings on iPad, Mac and iPhone, you need to go to the Safari Preferences Menu. The steps are similar for all of them, only that Mac will give you more Settings options in general.

For iPhone:

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Locate Safari in the main menu, and tap on it.

Step 3: Here, you can see all the general preferences and make changes accordingly.

For Mac:

Step 1: Open Safari browser.

Step 2: Go to the Top-left corner to click on Safari.

Step 3: Go to Preferences from the drop-down options.

Step 4: General Settings will show you the basic options, you can tweak for making Safari Settings personal.

Advanced settings can also be located in this tab on a separate section.

Best Safari Settings To Try Now:

These are some of the best settings you must implement in your device.

1. Password Strength:

Apple has always been concerned about the safety of the devices. Therefore, it provides you with the security measures in the web browser itself. If you check the passwords under the Preferences option. You will be shown all of the passwords saved on the web browser. If any of the passwords are not strong, it will show a yellow exclamation. It indicates a problem with the password, and it is recommended to change it to a stronger one.

2. Pop-out videos:

This feature helps a lot while performing two actions at the same time, one is watching a video in picture in picture mode. When you want to continue watching video while browsing the internet. It can be beneficial because of the picture in picture mode can be activated with a simple step. The address bar has an audio sign which can be clicked to pop-out video in the Safari Browser. This is one of the useful Safari Settings which can be implemented in the Mac, iPad and iPhone.

3. Voice Commands:

Use voice to give commands to your Mac. You need to have Mac Catalina to perform the action in the Safari Settings. Go to Apple Menu, select System Preferences.

Preferences in safari

Go to Accessibility and click on Voice Control from the left panel. Mark the box in front of Enable Voice Control, and for additional help, check on the box for Play Sound when the command is recognized.

Enable Voice Control Safari Settings

4. Set Website Icons:

The website icons on the tab can be helpful while switching between tabs. The website icons which are visible in other web browsers like Chrome and Firefox were not made available in safari till its 12th edition. Now you can change the Safari settings on your iOS devices to enable the favicons on the tabs. The steps to it can be found in Safari Settings> Preferences> Tab> Show Website icons in tab. 

5. Save Website Settings :

To set separate website settings on Safari, these steps can be helpful. As the different websites require different permissions to access your device, the settings can be managed too. The camera and mic access can be required by a voice and video calling website. Whereas access to a location can be granted to the food delivery websites. To secure your presence online, you must set the Safari settings to save the website settings for each one separately. For doing that, tap on the address bar and mark the permissions it is allowed to access.

6. Show Full website names:

Safari does not show you the complete website URLs in the address bar. You will be shown only the domain name of the website and that can be an issue sometimes. Therefore, to change the Safari Settings on your Mac, you can go to the Preferences> Advanced Settings. Check the box in front of the option –Show Full website address.

Show full website address Safari Settings

Wrapping Up:

So, these are the Safari settings, you must know to this web browser to the fullest. Try them and let us know if it helped. Also, you can mention any of your favorite tricks that we might have missed.

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