Has Technology Become A Threat To Human Intelligence?

We live in an age where every day brings in a new technological innovation to make our tasks easier. Professionals are on an endless spree to reduce human involvement in any task and making machines self-sufficient. A majority of people are in favor of accepting emerging technologies and making their work easier, however some are not! They are not entirely wrong because technology is eventually becoming threat to our intelligence.

Human intelligence

Any technology is developed with an idea that it will reduce our work and make any process easier. We look only at one facet of this and focus on the obvious benefits. On the flip side, others who are hesitant in adapting technologies are afraid of relying too much on technology. Basically, they lack trust in them!

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But Why Will Anyone Doubt Technology?

Well, everyone has a unique perception, but mainly there are two reasons behind this! Firstly, any technology in initial state seems easier but becomes quite complex as it develops. Well, the experts try to make it as simple as they can but there are inevitably problems and to mitigate them is necessary if they wish to stay in the race. This eventually makes technology complicated! Secondly, the advancements bring huge changes which demands to upgrade their regular practices and need for new skills arises. Thirdly, they might have fear of unknown. People are often afraid of the things about which they are unaware! And finally, there is a huge possibility that they might replace us from every field.

human intelligence

There is no denying the fact that there are genuine reasons why people fear technology. Moreover, it is an inevitable fact that most of the fear exists because of lack of understanding of what technology does and how it works. We don’t say that technology is something on which we should give up. But the people who embrace technology have already fallen into the trap and have become totally dependent on them. You don’t believe it, right? Well, imagine a situation when you went out and lost your cell phone. If we are not mistaken, you have logged in with your accounts in it, have financial details, contacts, images and what not! Losing your phone will make you highly vulnerable!

 human intelligence

We are not just getting dependent, we are becoming lazy as well! Earlier we used to memorize numbers and details, but we store them in our gadgets now; huge calculations were done manually, but today we are dependent on machines even for calculations that can be done manually. This doesn’t end here, we are developing machines that will be able to learn from experiences and perform tasks precisely. No doubt this will reduce our involvement and effort to nil, but what will be the purpose of our living then!

Technologies such as AI and cloning of brain will eliminate humans from every sector that exist. Even the research and development will be handled by machines. What will we do then? There will be no point of existence and we will eventually become a burden. Possibly this will be the time when the machines will rule us. Yes, we’ll be employed back and do all our tasks, but we’ll be reporting to machines which is exactly opposite to today’s scenario.

human intelligence

The adoption of technologies and innovation of new ones is only beneficial for us unless they are not replacing us entirely and for this we’ll have to make sure that machines never surpass us. As long as we are the masters, the purpose of our existence is intact. Our intelligence is the only thing which will secure our position. Once machines and technologies replace us, the Earth will no longer be a good place for us!

Thus, it is not wrong to be fearful from emerging technology! If we continue with the rate we are proceeding, then we’ll become slaves to the machines we have invented. Today our intelligence is on the verge of getting challenged, and if we want to be saved, we’ll have to take action right away! What do you think about this? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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