Happy 10th Birthday WhatsApp: Here’s Why We Love You!

We’re all obsessive about texting, right? It is one of the most fun things to do on our Smartphones. No matter where we are, whether we’re traveling or surrounded in the crowd, texting always saves us in almost any situation. And when it comes to texting, WhatsApp is the only place where we like to go! It’s so much more than texting. We can send pictures, videos, share our live location and what not. WhatsApp is widely popular and loved by a million of users worldwide. It is like one mandatory texting app that we got to have on our Smartphones.

As WhatsApp is one of our most favorite texting apps, you would be glad to know that today it just turned 10 years old! Happy Birthday, WhatsApp—we wish to have you in our lives forever and ever!


So, on the tenth anniversary of our favorite texting app, we have listed a few reasons why we love WhatsApp over any other application.

Let’s take a quick look at why and how WhatsApp became such a huge part of our social lives.

It’s So Much more than Texting…

The initial buzz point for WhatsApp’s huge success that it offers so many exciting features that can make our conversations much more entertaining. With the launch of WhatsApp, we could finally ditch the traditional ways of plain texting and do so much more on our Smartphones. Be it using attractive emojis or sharing pictures or sending contact info in a snap, WhatsApp surely bought ease in our life. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, WhatsApp is one of the most instant ways of communication where we can share almost anything we want with our friends and family.

Unlimited Messages

Unlimited Messages on whatsapp
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Initially, when we used to communicate via SMS there was always a certain set of restriction involved in how many numbers of characters we could send. And, when we exceeded the character limit, the network operators used to charge us excessively over that! But since WhatsApp launched in 2009, it was such a big relief as we could send unlimited text messages without any additional cost. All we need is a Smartphone and an active data pack, and then we can share as many emotions as we want.

Cross Platform

Another big reason behind WhatsApp’s worldwide popularity is its cross-platform adaptability. WhatsApp is compatible on almost every digital platform that we use around us including Android, iOS, Windows and so on.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

Talking about cross-platform flexibility, WhatsApp became an even more huge success with the release of WhatsApp Web service. WhatsApp Web allows you to send and receive messages from your desktop as well so that you don’t have to check your smartphone each time a notification drops.

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Ad Free Zone

A lot of tech giants like Facebook, Instagram, Google are filled with promotional ads from marketers which gets pretty annoying at times. Unlike other texting applications, WhatsApp is completely advertisement free and there’s no annoyance at all while we communicate with our loved ones.

Multimedia Features

Multimedia Features

Apart from using emojis, WhatsApp now also supports new multimedia features like stickers and GIFs that can make our conversations much more fun and entertaining.

Voice and Video Calling

A texting app that could offer free of cost, unlimited voice and video calling is like living one of our best dreams, isn’t it? Since WhatsApp started offering voice and video calling support, we even fell more in love with this application.


Security in whatsapp

Last but not least, apart from the fun elements that we mentioned above, WhatsApp is and will always be one of the most secure forms of communications. All our conversations are end-to-end encrypted and there’s bare minimum fear of hacks or any other privacy glitch.

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So folks, on the 10th Anniversary day, there were a few reasons why we love WhatsApp above and beyond any other texting app. WhatsApp is here to stay for long, and will always have a special place in our lives and smartphones of course!

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