Grifthorse Malware Attacks Millions Of Android Devices

Blog Summary – Gifthorse malware, new malware is spreading on Android devices and stealing from people. Read all about how Zimperium was able to uncover this Android malware which is active since last year.

Not the first time, when Android users are under attack because of malicious apps found on the Google Play Store. The worst part is that the malware running the scam often goes unnoticed for a long time. It is only found out later that lots of devices have been compromised because of the malware. Not only one of the other malware is emerging but also causing serious damage to several devices and users.

In this blog, we talk about one of the most dangerous trojan horse malware seen on Android devices. The Grifthorse malware has reportedly affected 10 million Android devices. So, let’s dig in to find out all about one of the worst malware in this blog.

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What is Grifthorse Malware and How Does It Work?

Grifthorse malware is one of the latest trojan horses found on Android devices. As you might know, Trojan viruses are one of the most dangerous malware. It is a benign program with a code disguised into it to behave overtly. These are inserted into the free application most of the time so that the most number of devices can be affected by the injection of this malicious program.

It can easily monitor your activities, hijack your web sessions and also take control of the devices. It is mostly stealing from the users and they won’t find out that easily. The Grifthorse Trojan was suspected of making money out of these innocent users from November 2020.

Yes, this might come as a surprise to you and that is one of the reasons why it has been able to exploit so many devices.


Yet again spread by the infected apps, the benign malware creeps into your Android device. This will then track your location and start bombarding your device with pop-ups. These lucrative messages offer a prize and often ask you to enter your phone number. Once you do that, it will sneakily subscribe you to a monthly subscription of €30. You won’t be able to notice this until it’s too late and the malicious organization has stolen from you.

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How was Grifthorse Malware Distributed?

While we download an application on our phone via Applications Store, we look into the reviews and descriptions of the said application. But, little do you know that any of these applications might be infected. It is not only hidden from the Application Store but also the developers of the applications. It is a worrisome point that so many applications were undetected and nobody raised an alarm over the suspicious behavior.

Grifthorse malware

Also, how reliable are the application stores as big as Google Play Store? As they are constantly failing to trace the spread of malware through its applications.  Although after Zimperium alerted Google about it, they have successfully removed the infected applications from the Google Play Store. Some apps are under threat of Grifthorse malware ranging from lifestyle, entertainment, dating, gaming, finance, racing, puzzles, food & drink, productivity, sports, education, music, etc. Google Play Store has removed over 200 applications related to this infection.

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How was Grifthorse Malware Detected?

Zimperium is one of the leading security companies and they have researchers working on tracing such malicious activities. It was only when they were able to find out this information that they alerted Google Play Store. They are the ones to name this Trojan horse as Grifthorse malware.

According to their research, this malware will enter the devices along with the downloaded applications. It thereby starts by showing popups to users which said they have won the prize and to claim it all they needed to do was click on it. The moment an unsuspecting user clicks on the malicious link and provides the phone number. This will immediately sign up the user to a premium SMS service and start charging them €30 per month.

Zimperium started the research after studying the rise in the alerts on their z9 on-device malware detection engine. This trojan was specifically shown to Android users in their local languages to make them trust it more. The forensic evidence has shown the malicious group has been active since November 2020. It has been speculated that the malicious people involved must have earned hundreds of millions of Euros till now.

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Wrapping Up-

If you want to save yourself from such scams, remember to keep your devices equipped with the latest anti-malware software. For Android users, we suggest Avast Antivirus & Security which is a very powerful anti-malware app to scan your device. It also locks your apps and provides you with a safe web browsing experience. Get it now from the download button given below –

Another important tip is to avoid downloading apps from third-party app stores as they are not regularly checked. Also if you are using Google Play Store, read the reviews carefully and research about them a bit before installation.

The unexpected messages for winning money or other things in the name of lottery and prize must be avoided at any cost. The bizarre alerts on your Android devices can be very harmful if you click on them. So basically, stay away from such popups and try not to fall victim to scams.

Also, keep an eye on your mobile phone for any unusual activity and these are the signs your phone might be infected with malware.

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