Great Alternatives to Popular Tech Gifts for Christmas

Christmas and Hanukkah fall on the same day this year and you must be viciously hunting for gifts. While we’ve had countless posts about what to gift this Christmas, most of these suggestions are hard to find due to high demand. Since it’s easy to be deluded by shopping fads and trends, we often forget to make a logical choice. There are countless alternatives to almost every hot selling gadget that has been sold out or is extremely expensive. While you could do your own research trying to find these substitutes, we’ve prepared a short list to save your time and effort. Here’s a list of some amazing and less-expensive replacements for gadgets you’re unable to buy this Christmas.

  1. Samsung Gear VR


The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are not only expensive, but procuring them has become a major problem for buyers. It is true that good technology doesn’t come for cheap in this capitalist world, but you can always find a middle path to things. We’re not telling you to buy the bum-esque Google Cardboard VR. You can certainly go for the humble prices Samsung Gear VR available at an enticing $60 price tag. It comes in a neat design that looks as futuristic as any high-priced VR gear in the market. Its field of view is also far amazing than any similar-priced products and is powered by the same tech used in Oculus Rift. It also comes with a bonus touchpad control, making it a highly desirable gadget for its price.

  1. NES Games for New Consoles


Sad that you couldn’t have yourself a classic cased collection of your favorite Nintendo 8-Bit games? We’ve already talked about how the nostalgia-packed $60 NES Classic Edition has been sold out and is impossible to procure for now. While getting an original NES console would be equally cumbersome you can definitely buy your favorite NES games for your currently owned consoles like PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Wii and Wii U etc. These games and packs would cost you more or less the same as the evanescent NES Mini and will be much easier to find.

  1. Apple Watch 1


Sure Apple Watch 2 is the hottest model and is available for at least $299 and go as far as $1,299. It certainly offers some astonishing new features and improvements. But that doesn’t mean the older model is obsolete. The Apple Watch Series 1 is still far more impressive than any smartwatch offered by other brands. Its highest 42 mm Sport model is available for $299 making this a lucrative buy this holiday season.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot


You could sulk over the $129 price tag on Google Home Smart Speaker, or you could get a similar but highly fulfilling experience with the Amazon Echo Dot. Not only this device is available for as less as $50, but is far more portable than the larger Google Home. You can find countless posts over the internet comparing these two products, but when it comes to market availability and value for money, the Echo Dot definitely scores all brownie points.

  1. Kindle App Instead or EBook Readers


We definitely do not want to discourage you from buying a specialized EBook reader this Christmas. EBook readers such as Amazon Kindle are amazing gadgets that allow you to carry your bookshelves in your pockets. But why get a dedicated gadget when you could download hundreds of EBooks for your smartphone or tablet. You can also buy the Kindle App and download your favorite books anytime on any smartphone or tab. This would also make for a smart gift if your pockets are really tight this holiday season.

It isn’t necessary that the latest and most popular gadget might be a good buy. Therefore, it is best to settle for something than be totally gadget-less this Christmas. These above alternatives are not only less expensive than their popular and pricey counterparts, but are better than them in various other aspects. So stop falling for fads and choose a path that’s clear, choose Free Will!


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