Graphene: 2D Miracle Material shaping our Future

In the last Infographic we talked about Virtual Worlds. Today, I am going to tell you about a major research going in the field of material sciences. There have been many exciting advancements in the field of materials science in the past quarter century. Perhaps none has generated the enthusiasm and excitement as the substance known as Graphene. This substance is pure carbon in the form of sheets one atom thick.

Since its discovery in 2003, graphene has been a hot topic in chemistry and materials science research. When first discovered, graphene was odd. Now odd is too small a word to describe a material seemingly set on winning all the records a material can win.

This graphic looks at some details of graphene and uses of this miracle material of the future.


Carbon is everywhere, in your pencil for example. So, the next time you write with a pencil, consider that you have one of the world’s most powerful substances at your fingertips.

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