GRAB or UBER? Make the decision by yourself!

Thinking of the digital era, I feel that today we have almost all things at just a click away. Internet Connectivity has made this possible. The cherry on the cake is the innovative thinking of people by developing portals and platforms to provide you with almost all the facilities be it from your day to day life or be it a luxurious purchase. Everything in your hand through your Laptops or Smartphones. One such facility is “Digital Car Service”.

Here I am giving you a comparison between the two most successful Digital Cab Service UBER and Grab. When it comes to comparing these two Top Notch Companies for the same service they are giving, I would rather like to think of them from a Customer’s perspective than from a Business Person or an Investor’s perspective. By customer’s I mean both the Driver and the Driven people. So, in this blog the comparison would be done from the perspectives of both types of Customers

  1. Driver
  2. Driven


So, when we think from the POV of a driver, we would have to consider lot many things like incentives, application training, earning model, support from the company, approachability in case of help, registration process etc. The basic cost of purchasing the car, wireless connections, mobile phones, and other purchases related to the owning a car is same. Where it differs is the earning you make while driving it.

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S. No. Features UBER Partner GRAB Peer
1. Employment Type Self-Employed Self-Employed
2. Online Registration Procedure Supported. But the processing takes quite some time. Supported and takes 2 days to process after attending Apps Training Lesson
3. On-Site Registration Preferred over the online one as the process is faster with one disadvantage of long queues. Not Supported.
4. Start of Work As soon as you apply you get the training lessons and can start working instantly You would have to wait for approval after you have submitted all the required documents on the online portal.
5. Apps training Lesson During all working hours. Fixed training hours
6. App’s Compatible Platform Compatible to both Android and iOS platforms Compatible with Android. iOS application is under trial.
7. App Features 1.      Can track position when app is in use.

2.      Earnings Page including the weekly earnings on a chart, promotions available and payments statements.

3.      Feature to read the feedback by the passenger. And to rate the passenger on 5star scale.

4.      Weekly reports of your earnings through bar charts and the comparison chart between the weeks.

1.      Can track the position even when the app is not in use.

2.      Has the history page showing you the earnings of each trip.

3.      Do not have access to rider’s feedback and no feature to rate the riders.

4.      No bar charts, weekly reports and payment statements.

8. Support Help button to submit a query or ask them to contact you. You can very well walk down to their HUB. Support button to email them, call them or you can go to the office to seek help.
9. Insurance NO Insurance Free Group PAI (Personal Accident Insurance0 for drivers and passengers.
10. Safety Features Features to improve road safety – daily reports to drivers of comparison between the drivers and tips for safe driving.

Reminders to driver for taking breaks. Alerts in the driver app about mounting the phones to dashboard. Speed Display in the app.

No such features.
11. Steps 1.      Start the app

2.      View the trips coming and accept it.

3.      Complete the trip.

4.      Rate your Passenger

5.      Get the earnings

Unlike the GRAB you do not have to pay some initial credits to drive

1.      Give minimum credit to GRAB to start.

2.      Start the app.

3.      Accept the trips

4.      Complete the trips

5.      Get the earnings

12. Service Fee Varies in the range of 10% to 30% Fixed – 20%
13. Upcoming Trip view 1.      Trip shows the customer’s location

2.      Destination is available after you pick up the customer

3.      Trip earnings are known at the end of the trip

4.      Method of navigations – UBER Navigation, Google Map, Waze

5.      You position moves during the trip

1.      Upcoming trip request shows you the customer’s location, destination and the earnings you will make out of it.

2.      The view of the customer destination could be removed in the next update.

3.      Methods of Navigation – Google Map or Waze

4.      Your position updates only after the trip ends

14. Fare Calculation The moment you end the trip the total fare is shown to you to tell the customer including all the tolls and extra charges You need to enter the tolls charges at the end of the trip. You are entitled for extra money for waiting time and additional stops.
15. Types of Customers All types Mainly locals
16. Earnings and incentives Earnings and incentives are completely based on the number of hours you ride in a day and meet the terms defined by the UBER.

Perks – 18% percent discount at Esso Petrol Pump. 30% on Uber fuel card

It has its own terms and conditions for earnings and incentives.

Bonus – year –long Scheme. $400 per month for 3 months and $200 for 9 months if you make 380 trips every month.

Medical Claim facility available.

Perk – 18% discount on Grab fuel card at Shell petrol stations.

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From the passengers’ perspective, the most important things are the usability of the App and addressing their queries within a short period. Below tables compares the two:

S. No. Features UBER App GRAB App
1. Fare Calculation The fare are calculated considering all the things like tolls, time of journey, surcharge and the promotional deductions. Tolls are added by the driver at the end of the trip.
2. Cancellation Charges Differs from country to country. Charged if 5 minutes have past to acceptance of the job by the driver. No Charge.
3. Driver Rating You can rate the driver on the scale of 5 and tell them what was good from the list. You can also leave a personalized feedback about your ride with UBER to see for the driver. No way for riders to leave feedback for the drivers.
4. Feel of the App Friendly. Give the feature to call or message the Driver by incurring the extra cost. GRAB Chat feature lets you chat with driver for free.
5. Customer Support Instant customer support in-built in the app listing some of the common reasons for the support. You can submit your query but the process of them contacting back to you takes some time.

Miscellaneously, both of them have their own pros and cons. UBER being the older one has upper hand in some of the aspects. Aspects like Technology – Uber’s app is in existence for 6 years and due to its widespread market, it has the opportunity to develop and improve the algorithms of the app to provide a better experience for both the drivers and the driven. The advantage with Uber is it will continue to grow as it has the entire globe to train their app.

Due to more experience and a large customer base UBER has a powerful customer support in comparison to GRAB. UBER is present in almost all major towns, so having an UBER APP will definitely be a benefit for the customers who travelling around the globe. Then again GRAB functions on the fixed price model which is enticing for the customer but the challenge in this model is in respect to paying to the drivers. So, they provide conditional incentives to drivers. Sooner or later GRAB would have to move to the pricing model followed by UBER.

At the end, we ourselves would have to make the decision of what suits us best.


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