Google’s Project Stream: Good News For Gamers!

All the gamers out there buckle up your seat belts! You’re about to be onboard with a high-end gaming experience which happens to be one of Google’s remarkable efforts in the world of game streaming. Google’s Project Stream which was formerly announced last week is all set to dip its toes in high-end professional gaming. It happens to be one of Google’s initiatives, in collaboration with Ubisoft which will allow users to play blockbuster games over the Internet, without you having to require a digital copy. Well, assuming that your Internet connection works pretty well you can play all your favorite games on Internet for free!

Google’s Project Stream

Isn’t this surprisingly great?

Let’s learn more about Google’s Project Stream in detail that how it can benefit gamers.

What is Google Project Stream

What is Google Project Stream

If we talk in terms of technicality, then Google Project Stream is released with the aim of solving the issues around interactive video streaming. Google is now specifically addressing on issues like graphic degradation, buffering issues and more so that users can relish a smooth gaming experience. Buy yes, Internet speed is a big challenge here. You have to make sure that your broadband is at least having 25 Mbps of average speed if you want to enjoy your favorite games on desktop or laptop.

Once you’ve made sure of that, you can easily stream Assassin’s creed Odyssey through a Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop and test it with a bunch of users. Like we said earlier, just make sure all test users have a sound internet connection and are at least above 17 in age.

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How to Sign Up for Project Stream

Google’s Project Stream was announced a couple of days back, a large number of access codes have already rolled out. But don’t be disheartened yet! There’s still a fair chance. Access this link to sign up to Google’s Project Stream high end gaming service. And yes, this project is only available for US users so far, so rest of you are out of luck here for a while.

There are basically four things you need right now for using Project Stream right now: You have to a US citizen, 25 Mbps speed Internet connection at home, Chrome browser and at least be 17 years and older in age.

What all Systems are Compatible With Project Stream?

Yes, we know this question must be running through your mind right now. Well, fortunately all OS are compatible with Google’s Project Stream including Windows, Mac and Linux. All you have to worry about is upgrading your current Internet plan which runs on a lightning fast speed.

Is Project Stream Actually Worth it?

Google’s Project Stream for gamers

As impressive as it sounds, there are a gamut of reasons to try Google’s Project Stream. You can enjoy all your favorite games including Assassin’s Creed for free at the right comfort of your home? What more do you want? The game is absolutely free to stream until January, so make the most of this time and fulfill all your gaming fantasies. Apart from this, you also get 10$ in-game credits which you can immediately put to use for boosting your XP levels.

checking your setup

Another advantage of using this service is that Google will be constantly checking your Internet connection speed before each session so that you face no hindrance while playing. So, what are you waiting for? Take up challenging missions with your folks, beat Odyssey and enjoy a smooth gaming experience which runs like breeze on your PC.

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So folks hope you all now understand what is Google Project Stream? This is one impressive effort by Google to set foot in gaming industry, so all in all we think it’s absolutely worth trying.

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