Google Unveils Pixel Buds 2: It’s Time To Decide On The Best True Wireless Earbuds

What Are True Wireless Earbuds?

Before we get on to our comparison, let’s know what true wireless buds mean. Well, true wireless earbuds basically mean no shred of wire hanging around. Many wireless earbuds such as Samsung’s Level U and Google Pixel Buds had a connecting wire that went all the way around your neck and joined the two buds together. The control buttons and the battery were fitted in the cases attached to the wire.

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But, in true wireless Bluetooth earbuds, you won’t have to worry about wires. Just like AirPods 1, there is a case carrying the earbuds with a direct charging facility through the case. Having spatial vents and in-ear designs, these truly wireless earbuds offer wire-free audio experience and best slide-in fit for ears.

Google Pixel Buds 2 and Longing Competition of True Wireless Earbuds

After a successful announcement for Pixel 4, Google’s latest mobile phone in its Pixel series, the tech. giant went on to launch its first truly wireless earbuds. Google Pixel Buds 2, a daunting competition to Apple’s Air-Pods and Google’s super entry into wireless earbuds business would serve as your new choice of Bluetooth earphones. Though there is no doubt Google is planning to launch the best versions of truly wireless earbuds; however, we cannot deny the already established presence of other players in the same business.

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It all started with Apple who launched AirPods, and then AirPods 2 very recently, receiving amazing responses from people regardless they used iPhones or Android devices. Then came a series of new true wireless earbuds including Amazon’s Echo Buds, Mi Air Dots, and similar devices from companies like SkullCandy and Bose. But with Google’s new Pixel Buds 2 in the game now, there’s going to be a serious confusion as to which one is the best truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds of them all.

Comparing Most Prominent True Wireless Earbuds

Well, here we are giving you a massive comparison between the major players in the earbuds business and which one should you buy. Read our exclusive take on the new tech. battle –

Pixel Buds 2 vs. Echo Buds vs. Galaxy Earbuds vs. AirPods 2:


Category of Comparison AirPods 2 Pixel Buds 2 Echo Buds Galaxy Buds
Price – $159


– $199

$179 $129.99 $129
Design – Similar to AirPods with the old tail and stem design.

– A completely wire-free experience.

– Shiny plastic fiber material.

– Completely in-ear buds without a hanging tail.


– Made of silicon material adding extra comfort.

– Silicon buds, but the outer material is hard plastic fiber.

– The tip design is bulkier hampering in-ear fit for smaller ears.

– Silicon ear-tip surrounded by a matte-plastic arc.

– Triangular fiber plastic touchpads on the outside.

Battery – Offers up to 5 hours of Battery Life when listening to music.


– Another 3 hours for talk-time.

– Case offers another 24 hours when completely charged.

– 5 hours of continuous battery life.

– Case offers an additional 24 hrs when fully charged.

– 5 hours of continuous battery.

– Case offers an additional 15 hours when fully charged.

– 6 hours of battery life.

– Case offers an additional 7 hours when fully charged.

Noise Isolation No Passive Noise Isolation provided by slide-in circular bud design. – Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) powered by Bose. – Partial.

The Ambient Noise feature allows adjusting outside noise. It can be accessed from Galaxy buds companion app.

Hands-Free Yes.

Embedded “Hey Siri” functionality allowing users to control their playlists and controls using voice commands.


Google Assistant voice command control is enabled, initiated by Ok Google command.


Alexa voice commands offer automatic audio controls.

Charging – Apple’s Lightning Bolt Cable

– New Optional Wireless Charging Case can be purchased separately.

– Wireless Charging facility available.

– USB Type-C support for wired charging.


– Micro-USB charging only. – Type-C charging.- Can be charged through Samsung Galaxy S10 without the case.



Carrying Case Yes. With an additional Wireless Charging case. Yes. Curved shaped case, comparatively smaller. Can slide-in the buds at any angle. Yes. Obloid case; comparatively bulkier when carried in a pocket. Samsung carrying case, which can be charged through Samsung Galaxy S10 also.
Connection – Supports Bluetooth 5.o via newly improved H1 chip.

– Switch connection between your multiple Apple Devices.


– Long-range Bluetooth connection up to 100 yards. – Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. – Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
Compatibility Compatible to All Apple and Android devices. – Compatible to Android devices running on Android version Nougat and above.

– iOS connectivity is unknown.

Compatible to both Android and iOS devices. Compatible to iOS and Android devices.
Additional Features – Ear Detection which enables the Pods to automatically play music when inserted in.


– Water Repellent, Motion Accelerometer

– Adaptive sound adjustments per the surroundings.


– Sweat and water-resistant for easy workout sessions.

– Turn on Noise cancellation via a tap.


– Double-tap to turn on Passthrough mode, deactivating ANC.

– Audio performance parameters such as Bass Boost can be controlled via the companion app.


A Brief Opinion

Among these compared products, AirPods 2 undoubtedly ranks at the top. At least until Google Pixel Buds 2 hit the market. Pixel Buds 2 would not launch until Spring 2020. But given the price, Echo Buds give a strong competition to AirPods 2. As for Galaxy Buds, it is failing to offer a completely wire-free experience due to the lack of an AI assistant and voice command modules. So, you can opt it out, unless you own a Galaxy S series phone.

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By providing Active Noise Cancellation, Echo Buds have built-up a significant bonus points for themselves. But, do not misunderstand that Bose has helped in any design and hardware input for Echo Buds. It’s just the ANC technology Amazon is using under licensing terms from Bose. but again, if you can pay for Wireless case for AirPods 2, you have another win-win situation.

In a final opinion for Echo Buds vs. AirPods 2 vs. Galaxy Buds, we’ll say AirPods 2 is still the best Bluetooth true wireless earbuds.

Google Pixel Buds 2 vs. AirPods: What Google Pixel Buds 2 offer to End Apple’s Dominance?

Despite great offering Echo Buds and Galaxy Buds fail to overpower Apple’s AirPods 2. But this loop can break up after Google Pixel Buds 2 launches in 2020. Pixel Buds 2 will definitely outmatch Apple in design and comfort parameters. Being made of silicone material, these wireless earbuds will offer more comfort. Plus, without the annoying tail and stem design like AirPods, they will offer a complete in-ear audio experience.

Image Source: The Verge

If Google keeps its promise, Pixel Buds 2 would be best earbuds in terms of water and sweat resistant, a feature AirPods haven’t been able to provide. Though AirPods 2 is water repellant to some level, it’s not extensive as Google promises. But again, the true potential would be unveiled only after it’s available for use. Both Pixel Buds 2 and AirPods 2 have the same battery life and both support their respective AI voice assistants. But the ultimate comparisons lies in the design. And here Pixel Buds 2 is winning.

It’s too early to announce the ultimate winner as we’re still to hear the audio qualities Pixel Buds 2 will offer. Until then, if you can’t wait, we say you go ahead with AirPods 2.

Competition from Sony and Bose

Image Source: Forbes

Sony and Bose also offer great competition. The only difference is that they are completely focused on audio performance. No AI commands and additional features. But yes, you will get the best noise cancellation features which would help you experience immersive music in your ears. Since they are made to enhance your music addiction, there is definitely less focus on call audio quality.

But it’s Sony and Bose. It can’t be that bad to completely wipe these two from your preference list.

Budget Concerns? Well, you might have an option!

The entire deal is about the budget for most users. Despite having the urge for having the best, one can’t necessarily spend dollars on their favorite true wireless earbuds. So, there is a low-range alternative for them as well.

AirDots from Mi, the Chinese tech. company has boomed up in the Asian market. People are actively preferring it over others just because of its price tag. Priced at 399 Yuan or $56, this is the best low-range alternative to AirPods or any other earbud you can have, which also gives a decent brand value, added to your purchase. So, if you’re looking to make a pocket-friendly purchase for truly wireless earbuds, Mi AirDots are made for you.

Watch a complete review and decide for yourself.

Performance-wise, AirPods 2 still remains the best player among all true wireless earbuds. And there is still too early to announce Pixel Buds 2 as the best wireless earbuds. But, the features Google is promising to offer with Pixel Buds 2, Apple has a strong competitor ahead, quite-ready to dethrone it from its top position. AirPods have been a major innovation from Apple after years of struggle with new tech. And it has played very well. But in a personal opinion, there are great hopes from Google Pixel Buds 2 and surely, I’d like to see it beat Apple here.

Tell us in the comments what are your views on Pixel Buds 2 and its features. Let us know if it is good enough to beat AirPods 2. Also, if you use some other brand of truly wireless earbuds, we’d like to know which one.

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