Google Tightened up Security for Gmail Account Users

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Google has made noteworthy changes in the existing security features for the Gmail users to protect their email accounts.

The user will be able to determine the type of connection being used for receiving or sending emails. A red lock sign would be made visible in case of insecure connection. Similarly, Google will show a question- mark in place of the profile picture of the email account holder if it finds him invalid. Apart from this, it will display a full page of warning if a user accesses to a website which can damage his system.

Although Google was earlier using Transport Layer Security, (TLS) protocol, which avoided misuse of data, but, it has taken a step ahead to alarm users about the fake or unauthorized connection by the visible icons to show danger.  This, in turn, will save the user from other email services which lack the same type of security features, as that of Gmail.

Google experienced an increase in sending the emails by 25% after introducing the red lock icon feature.

Features added

Emailing is now more secure

Gmail has come up with a new feature by which user will be able to check the other parties’ email service whether it relies on TLS encryption technique or not. If not, a red lock icon will be made visible on screen to warn users.

Gmail is now more secureImage Source: Google Security Blog


However, it has been found out that TLS encryption can be damaged, so in that respect, Google has constituted its gang of companies, namely, Comcast, Microsoft and Yahoo to report the error if the mail is not sent by means of encryption techniques in order to analyze the situation and take some major action

John Rae-Grant, product manager at Google that, “it requires two people to communicate through emails, so it is important for the parties to ascertain that their email service is compatible with TLS protocol. So, users need to be careful about it”.

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He further added up that, “user will be able to identify the sources which are authenticated or not. If a user receives a message from an invalid source, he will see a question mark in place of the sender’s profile photo.”

gmail securityImage Source: Google Security Blog

Safe browsing

Google has updated its feature of safe browsing. Earlier, it protected users from visiting sites known for malware and phishing. But now Gmail users can see the warnings and alert messages if they click on such links, web browsers, and email apps. The full page warning will be generated for Gmail users so that they can leave the page. It is shown below:

safe browse gmailImage Source: Google Security Blog

 Relieve from spying

Another feature added up recently in this series by Google will save accounts of activists, journalists and policymakers from hacking by attackers. The warning will appear at the top of the page along with the instructions to be followed for dealing with this situation.

save from spying gmail save information gmail

Image Source: Google Security Blog

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Google aims at protecting its users’ data and hence put efforts to improve its services in order to comfort users.

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