Google Tango: Making Smartphone Even Smarter

We have already seen the tremendous response to ‘augmented reality’ with Pokémon Go’s success. Taking things to the next level, Lenovo’s new Android smartphone Phab2 Pro was revealed to be the world’s first Tango enabled device. For those who don’t know what Tango is; it’s a new augmented reality based platform for smartphones developed by everyone’s favorite search engine, Google. The official launch coincided with the unveiling of Phab2 Pro, since it is the only device currently that is able to run this platform.

Sure this isn’t as grand as compared to Google’s very own Pixel smartphone, since Tango isn’t compatible with any other devices right now. But the platform shows concrete promise at enhancing your smartphone’s capabilities and making them more practical. So if you are extremely excited about this revolutionary new technology for smartphones, here are some amazing things you can do with it.

  • Home Improvement

home improvement through google tango

Redecorating your home can be a bit of a problem if you’re not sure how you want the furniture placed. Physically moving heavy couches and cupboards is not only tiring, but is also extremely frustrating. With apps such as Lowe’s Vision and Wayfair view allow you to virtually see how a particular piece of furniture looks without lifting a pound. All you need to do is view your house through this app and envision furniture placements, space occupied and appliance placements to make redecoration plans without hassle.

  • Learn to Raise Pets

Learn to Raise Pets

Not sure whether you should buy a beagle or not? Tango helps you to learn how to raise various pets by using the aptly named ‘Raise’ app. While it shares some similarities with Pokémon Go, thankfully there are no competitive battles involved between pets. The app gives you ownership of a digital pet that you must feed and raise. The pet shares the same time and space with you making this extra realistic and more fun, while giving you a somewhat real-time experience of raising a pet animal.

  • Taking Measurements

taking measurements throufg google tango

One of the most practical uses of augmented reality can be seen with Tango Measure. This app helps you take measurements off any physical object irrespective of its shape. Simply view the object through this app and use on screen cursors to get accurate measurements of an object. You can say goodbye to those pesky measuring tapes and their physical limitations. Tango Measure’s amazing depth perception helps you take accurate measurements of any object or place. It also lets you create detailed blueprints based on the recorded measurements making it an extremely practical tool for everyone.

  • Interactive Games

 interactive Games

Augmented reality has already shown its capabilities through the success of Pokémon Go. We’ve already mentioned how you can also raise digital pets with Tango apps. But things just don’t stop here. Apps such as Solar Simulator, Towers for Tango, Domino World let you turn your surroundings into a digital playground. Whether you’re at home or outside, these interactive games make even the drabbest of places extremely fun.

  • Create Floorplans

Create Floorplans

Want to remodel your house without hiring a professional architect? Let augmented reality do the work for you with MagicPlan app for Tango. This marvelous app lets to take measurements by simply clicking photographs through the app. You can create floorplans for your entire house or property, which can be saved in various formats. Additionally, you can also create interactive maps that can be published and shared online.

The above applications certainly put the ‘smart’ back in your smartphone, with some amazingly practical uses of augmented reality technology. Even though it is currently available with only one device, the future certainly looks bright for Google Tango.

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