4 Best Alternatives of Google Image Search

Google recently got rid of its very popular and useful feature “View Image”, which is no less than a nightmare for people who relied on it as a source for images. The deliberate move was made to prevent download of copyrighted images. Google made an agreement with Getty Images and accepted that it is going to make copyrighted content more noticeable in Google Image search results.

As Google has removed ‘Search by Image’ facility, it means now users need to visit the website and scroll to get the desired image.

The new process might increase the number of users visiting websites, however it might create difficulties for people while searching images with the ‘Search by Image’ button.

Removal of the “view search button” has pushed some of the users to start looking for an alternative of Google images search.  Here are four Alternatives you can use.

4 Best Alternatives of Google Image Search

1.Microsoft Bing

micrsoft bing view image feature

After Google, Microsoft’s Bing is considered as one of the most popular search engine that is used by users across the globe. This incredible search engine has an upper hand when it comes to viewing source images. Well, according to some of the Bing users, image search is under one of those things that Bing is better at.

Like Google, Bing also allows its users to use filter pictures by color, size, type, layout. Moreover, as the Bing’s filter options are available on the search results pages, it makes sure you don’t need to navigate away from the page. Bing is the top contender when you want to view search images as it loads the full-size version of the pictures and displays those that are free to use.

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2. Duck Duck Go

duckduckgo view image feature

Duck Duck Go is another one of the amazing search engines that emphasizes on protecting searchers’ privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results. Well, it is one of the best alternatives to get the desired images. All you need to do is, access the search engine and click on the thumbnail you want to view. And choose the view file button to get the full resolution of the same image.

Moreover, it is setting new standards of trust online and empowering people to take control of their information.

3. Chrome and Firefox Extensions

Fortunately, a new Chrome extension has placed the same functionality ‘View Image’ button at the same place where Google used to have it. In fact, the extension has the same name “View Image”. The extension is available for both Firefox as well as for Google Chrome.

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4. StartPage Web Search

If you don’t want to use any of the above ways then surely StartPage website has got your back. It is the world’s most private search engine that can remove the targeted ads on Google as well as search anonymously. Isn’t it great? Best of all, you can get the exact button “View Search” that helps you to the get the images for various needs.

Overall, the decision of removing the “view image” feature doesn’t seem to be a good move by Google for people who use the platform for various requirements. On the other hand, it is the time for Google users to try out other platforms.

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