Google: Real-Time Data Product For NewsRoom

Google News Initiative has recently hit a one-year mark. The initiative is Google’s way to handle fake news and develop products to support journalists and more. Looks like this announcement about releasing new analytics tools to help news organizations seems to be the next step to help them with the data shared with the public.

What’s New?

According to 2018’s News Consumer Insights report, Google is launching Realtime Content Insights. Realtime Content Insights (RCI) is a tool which will use data from your site’s Google Analytics to display a dashboard of hot & trending topics over different areas in a visual manner.

Google’s head of analytics and revenue optimization and head of publisher development, Amy Adams Harding mentioned, “RCI is focused on telling publishers what’s happening on their site at this moment, and on helping them identify trending news stories that could attract more readers. The initial NCI data is more useful for the publisher’s business or audience development teams, RCI is intended to help the editorial side of our partners understand the dynamics of content on their site — what’s trending, what’s falling off, what’s getting traction.”

A full-screen display mode is perfect for larger screens which are usually used in newsrooms nowadays to display several stats. The “Newsroom View” will show your popular articles with a headline and cover images with a “Real-time readers” metric & more authentic “Views Last 30 Mins” number.

However, on a regular screen, you will get popular articles list along with traffic sources by geography.

What’s More?

Another one is the “Propensity to Subscribe” signal in Google Ad Manager which uses machine learning to assist publishers to discover readers could potentially pay for content and who couldn’t. This is still in beta version, Google intends to integrate it into Subscribe with Google this year.

“We’re making progress on our propensity modeling: early tests from our model suggest that readers in the top 20 percent of likely subscribers are 50 times more likely to subscribe than readers in the bottom 20 percent.”

Next is Data Maturity Benchmark which could “publishers assess their data maturity, compare themselves to other news organizations and take steps to improve.”

When Will The Users Get It?

The web app of RCI is available for any Google Analytics user. With this tool, Google anticipates that publications will be able to make “quick, data-driven decisions on content creation and distribution.”

Google intends to launch the rest of the tools by this year.

This seems to be a revolutionary turn in the publication industry, it will not only help publishers to upgrade the content as per the region of the broadcast but also will improve the quality of content. This could be a game changer and could help publishers get more user engagement.

Way to go,  Google!

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