Google Play Movies Might Provide Free Movies Soon

Google Play Movies has been one of the services, which stay untouched for most Google users. The main reason behind this is the movies available on it are paid; however, the service works on a different method than other popular video streaming services. Google Play Movies require an individual purchase or rent for a movie or a TV show. In contrast, other video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO have monthly or yearly plans. This can be cost-effective sometimes as it has movies and TV shows available at low prices.

Google Play Movies has recently been making changes to its development as per a report by XDA developers. According to the website, APK strings for Android, all have been noticed with quite a few changes. These depict the entry of free movies over the Google Play Movies app as the code said so.

As Quoted by XDA Developers

“However, in version v4.18.37 of the Android application, we spotted a few strings hinting that Google will introduce a new free-with-ads selection of movies. One string, in particular, alludes to the presence of “hundreds of movies, just a few ads,” which suggests a big chunk of the app’s library may be made available in this new format. It’s not immediately clear, however, whether all of Google’s library will become available for free-with-ads or only just a few movies.”

Indeed, at the time, when people are finding new ways to entertain, they can avail of the free content on Google Play Movies. What more can be seen on the leaked codes is that the Google Play Movies will be available with the ads. This indicates that one will be interrupted by multiple ads while streaming free movies. Well, we believe this is fair enough and will be reciprocated by users with fervor.

Who will be able to enjoy the free movies on Google Play Movies?

Since the app is an in-built app for all Android devices, the users will be able to avail of this service. As soon as this change is implemented, the people will be directed to hundreds of movies on their phones. This will mark for a significant change as the ad-supported free streaming service will be a new competition for video streaming giants. Also, others with the Google Play Movies will be seen using the function of the free movie on their smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

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