Google Play Adds New Kids Section to Find Teacher’s Approved Apps

After deciding to work on a contact tracing app with Apple, Google comes with a new feature to make kids’ life easy.

Using this new Kid section, families will be able to find content analysed by more than 200 teachers from the U.S. For now, they are listed under the Teacher Approved section of Google Play.

Why a new feature now?

Just like everything is circling around COVID-19 this new addition is also a part of it. To date, at least 55.1 million students are unable to attend school due to this both parents and kids are struggling on the educational front. To help them with this and to bridge the gap Google launches Kids section today. It will not only help your children learn but will also keep them engaged in something productive.

As this feature wasn’t planned to be released now, you might find some apps are missing. Worry not Google is reviewing everything and will soon add the missing pieces. Also, the apps need to meet government regulations around data collection and ad-targeting.

Where can we find the new section?

The new section will be titled Kids and can be found on Google Play. To find it visit or can swipe across the top lists. For time being it might read Family but soon it will be swapped with an updated UI and Kids section.

Google Play Kids Tab

In addition to this Google Play Pass is offering subscribers a selection of Teacher Approved content.

What Google has to say about it?

Google suggests that everything in this new kid’s section is teacher approved. This means the app or game has been approved by the expert that Google works with.

These apps and games meet a specific quality standard and are rated by experience, upgrading, happiness and age appropriateness.


Further, the app will be grouped by age:

  • 5 & under
  • 6-8 years
  • 9-12 years

Google will also share information to let you know why a particular app is rated high.

In what countries will the Kids tab be launched?

Kids tab is rolling out across the US, in coming months it will be expanded internationally.

How will these apps help?

Since these apps meet quality standards and are highly rated by teachers, they will offer the knowledge your kid is missing out by not being able to get to school.

Primarily, these apps will supplement learning while some are there just for fun.

Looking for kids friendly stuff here are the best kids apps & games and best kids tablets.

As far as I am concerned this new section is very appealing. It has given teachers a platform to create their own space and kids to learn from it. Also, the rating system built by Google will make sure teachers apply the criteria truly. Once the Kids tab is rolled out for all it will be of a great help.

What are your thoughts on it? Isn’t it a great initiative? Do let us know what you think about it.

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