Google Pixel 4 Common Issues Along with Workarounds

As we’re all aware, Pixel 4 is Google’s latest delight in the smartphone segment. Google Pixel 4 comes packed with amazing features blended with cutting edge technology that makes our smartphone using experience faster and smoother. Google has also released another large-sized variant named as Pixel 4 XL that comes with bigger battery life and a couple of more advanced features that might woo the tech-savvy crowd.

So, if you’ve already grabbed yourself a Google Pixel 4 smartphone this holiday season or if you’re planning to buy it anytime soon in the future, here are a few things that you should know about this device. A lot of users have encountered a bunch of problems with Pixel 4 devices. Well, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about as there’s a fix for everything. Glad enough, you can fix all these issues on your own by making a few tweaks in the settings.

In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the most common Google Pixel 4 issues along with their quick fixes that will help you in troubleshooting.

Let’s get started.

Poor Battery Life

Poor Battery Life
Image Source: Android Central

Whether it’s Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL, a lot of users are complaining about the poor battery performance on these latest Google devices. So, if you’re looking forward to boosting the battery life of your Pixel 4 smartphones, here are a few things that might help:

Switch to Battery Saver mode to limit the background activities. Head on to Settings> Battery> Battery Saver to enable this option.

Enable the Dark mode on Pixel 4 devices by heading on to Settings> Display. The dark mode comparatively consumes less power so you will experience an improvement in battery performance.

Disable Location services and avoid keeping it turned on all the time. Head on to Settings> Apps & notifications > Advanced > Permission manager. Here you will see a list of all installed applications. Manage this list and grant/revoke location permissions of all the apps which you don’t use frequently.

Face Lock Issues

Face Lock Issues
Image Source: TechRadar

Another most common Google Pixel 4 issues that we’ve heard is related to Face unlocking. A few users have complained that they are able to unlock their device via Face Lock, even with their eyes closed. Google is aware of this issue, and they are planning to fix it soon. Until then we would recommend you switch to PIN lock to keep your device secured in the meantime. Head on to Settings> Security and set up a numeric code to lock your device rather than relying on the Face lock feature.

Motion Sense Not Working

Motion Sense Gestures are one of the prime highlights of Pixel 4, but unfortunately, it is not working most of the time. Well, for those of you who are not aware, Motion Sense is a new technology introduced by Google that allows you to control your phone by making gestures, and waving your hand. Although, despite our best efforts of trying hard since all this time, the Motion Sense feature does not work sometimes. To enable this feature, go to Settings> System> Motion Sense and make sure it’s toggled ON.

Motion Sense Not Working
Image Source: Android Police

Well, you will be amazed to know that Motion Sense feature is only supposed to work in a few countries (yet) as announced by Google. The list of countries where Motion Sense feature is supported includes the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia and a bunch of other European regions.

WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Having trouble connecting to WiFi or Bluetooth on your new Pixel 4 smartphone? Well, not just Pixel 4 in fact, this is one of the commonly reported smartphone issues. To fix this, head on to Settings> System> Advanced> Reset Options, and here you can try resetting the WiFi and Bluetooth settings to start afresh.

Here was a quick rundown of most common Google Pixel 4 issues along with their quick fixes. We hope these troubleshooting tips will help in improving the overall experience of using these latest Google devices.

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